Sector Z “Shield Wall” campaign difficulty spike


Just want make sure I’m not missing something here.

The “Shield Wall” has a rating of 8000, but I have repeatedly failed to beat the campaign with a deck rated 13000+.

I could just be a terrible player here, but 8000 seems a little low for a battle where all enemies are level 12-13.

Has anyone else ran into this?


hi @Amery! I personally worked on the campaign and the “Deck Power” feature.

In most cases, it’s safe to say a mission should be possible to beat if your deck power is higher than the recommended number. But “Deck Power” is a simplistic measurement of the upgrade level of your cards. In some cases, you’ll need to rearrange your deck to defeat a campaign mission.

For an extreme example, imagine a campaign battle which uses all air units against you. it’s possible to make a deck with really high “Deck Power” number (all top level ground units) which will be unable to compete against the campaign mission’s air deck.

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