Seasonal cards cost

With 10 days left the price of some cards have dramatically Increased. 20k plus for three infantry cards?!? If I bought this upgrade earlier today it was what, 6250? Might have been better to hold off on the update til the new season started? Serious disadvantage here.

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Hi! I’m actually not sure what you’re referring to. Can you please post a screenshot?


My belief is that the total number of cards you need to get that unit upgraded to level 17 is reduced, so as a percentage of the cards required to get that card to level 17, it’s the same.

Players who had purchased a bunch of cards prior to the update similarly had their cards adjusted as a ratio mapping to the new system

I understand the fewer cards but why such an increase in token cost?

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I don’t know the answer — honestly I wasn’t aware of a change here. I will ask my colleagues.

Appreciate it!

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Yeah, thanks. Same thing with madness, hope it gets changed.

Any word on this? 20250 for one goo dog upgrade? Epic units are now more expensive than legendary.


I’ve talked to the person in charge of this.

The nodes in the Epic tree which are 20,250 have 3x epic cards. The nodes in the Epic tree which are 13,500 cost have 2x epic cards. The nodes in the Epic tree which are 6,750 cost have 1x Epic card.

He says the total cost of each tree should be the same, even if some nodes are higher than they used to be.

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