Season unlock costs?

What the heck happened to the season unlock costs? 20,250 season token for an unlock? You could get first place in the event battle and still not get enough token for a single unlock.

Doing alliance dailies you can get 1,560 tokens per day, if you entire alliance keeps on top of things. At that rate it’ll take 2-weeks to get a SINGLE season unlock. How are we supposed to unlock anything in the last week of the season???

Even Phoenix chests give on average 3,000 token per chests. That’s 14,000 gems to get a single unlock. You could spend 150,000 gems and not be able to fully unlock 1 unit page out of 9.


Yes, worried I won’t get my mech pilots now


Yes unfortunately… The costs have increased substantially…


Agreed no chance of even approaching Completing more than one faction at this inflated rate … unless we have bucket loads of gems we can use for each event …

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In response to my own comment, we do have a bucket load of gems … so with the reward doubler it will become somewhat easier. The question is if this is maintained or the number of gems starts to go down (so far am replacing the ones I’m spending).

I used over 200k gems In This update… just for season chests alone. Not to mention hours of endless playing and I just barely unlocked my last season troop and non of them are even upgraded. I would need to put at least $600 just to attempt to finish the progress. If you can’t play all month long and unlock everything. Then their needs to be an overhaul. The gems are valued way too high and the unlockables should be just that UNLOCKABLE. Why not just open us up a cash only shop next season???

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