Season tree coins not scaled

In the season tree, the compulsory coin purchases are not scaled up by a factor of 400, which makes them essentially useless. Since we have to drop season tokens for them to move past in the tree, this needs to be fixed, please.


Thanks for posting this. Need this corrected quickly.

@S7Dragon @S7campusLifer

Thanks for reporting - we will fix. If you purchased already you can contact us through in game support and we can help make sure you get the correct amount.

I just noticed this myself, here’s a photo in case u wanted it.

Do you have an approximate ETA for the fix? It’s not super urgent yet but I’m sitting on some tokens that will be burning a hole in my pocket before long :wink:

Spent mine today. Just going to send in a ticket and get my 800 times value.

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Hey folks,

We will be switching out the coins for the equivalent value in diamonds in the old system at some point in the near future (8 coins per diamond) because switching directly to coins would work fine for elder players but would create issues for new players. We are investigating a way to have coins in prizing that works for both new and elder players soon. However, in the meantime, if you would prefer the coins instead of diamonds you can claim now and we will credit you the 800x value.

@S7Dragon So for the parts of the season tree that we have already bought do we need to open a ticket to get credit?

Yes, please do open a ticket

I opened a ticket 2 or 3 days ago and have not heard back, since then I spent more tokens and got more misscaled coin.

Just checked our ticket queue and looks like most players that sent in a ticket should now be good on these coins.

So what do we do when we get more coins in the tree? I bought some after the ticket went in but before I was recompensed and I bought some more after I was recompensed. Do I just keep putting in tickets?

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