Season tokens logic

I’ve spent way too much money thus far in this game, but I do enjoy it and there are season rewards I really want. I’ve noticed that when I buy time warp chests for the season token drops, I FAR more frequently get the minimum in the range (~1100 - also, I thought the minimum was supposed to be 1200?) than any other amount. I haven’t kept count, but it’s probably more than 75% of the time.

Are those drop numbers supposed to be distributed across the range fairly uniformly? I understand bad luck, but for the $$ I have dropped, I feel pretty cheated :sweat:

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I also know this pain all too well

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Same here, it’s rare you get more than 1100

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Bump for @S7campusLifer or other staff response, hopefully :crossed_fingers::grimacing:

I thought I had this problem and reported it, but it’s actually coins that are 1200-4000. If you click the little “i” button on the time warp chest it says 940-3040 season tokens.

Thanks! That was only part of the problem, though. I feel also pretty sure the drop rate is significantly heavier on the bottom third of the range.

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I think you’re definitely right about that.

@S7NotABot - do you mind weighing in here?

Just FYI, I only buy the $100s of packs for the season tokens. I’ve stopped myself twice since posting this thread, and I won’t be buying any more until I get a satisfactory answer. It may not be much, but that’s at least a $200 cost associated with ignoring this thread, staff.

New skins: another $100 I just stopped myself from dropping. C’mon. How long will this go without (otherwise very active) staff response?

@S7campusLifer @S7NotABot

I’d love to be buying some event boxes right now, but I’m not dropping another dollar until someone gives feedback on the season token drop rates. And, at this point, at least some indication about why this thread has been ignored for a week.

Hi @Holeesmokes. I haven’t been responding because I actually don’t know the answer. I don’t personally work on value packs. I can try asking around.

We’ve been seeing a lot of posts saying things like “I’m frustrated I’m not getting a response to this ticket, CampusLifer”. Let me try to respond to that more globally:

  • We’re a small development team and don’t have the staffing to put someone working on responding to this forum. We definitely are working towards a future where we have the resources to staff this forum, people to clean the seats at our eSports stadium, etc… but that’s not yet our reality :stuck_out_tongue:
  • We all read the forum and read the feedback, but it takes a lot of time to figure out answers to things you don’t know the answer to off-hand.
  • When you see staff responding to this forum, they’re doing it on their “free time” on top of their jobs coding the game.
  • Personally, I respond to things I already know the answer to after work or when I’m eating lunch/dinner.
  • This forum isn’t a formal support channel – please don’t expect any quick responses or response from staff at all. If there’s something you definitely need a response to, please file a “zendesk ticket” inside the app. There is a team of people staffed to respond to those tickets in a timely manner.
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hi @Holeesmokes. I spoke to the person in charge of valuepacks. He says he will look into it

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Thanks for the response. As a member of a small development team who supports our own products, myself, I can sympathize with all of your points above. The more I thought about it and reflected upon my experience, the more frustrated I’ve become. I’m sorry that’s getting aimed at the two of you most active in the forums. You’re just the face of the dev team, I guess.

I very much look forward to learning what you find out about drop distributions. As someone accustomed to being unlucky in these kinds of rolls, I’m pretty sure this isn’t just bad luck. Swap “getting close the minimum” for “matching a two digit number” and I feel like I would have won the powerball by now…

To put (more of) my money where my mouth is, I just purchased another Time Warp chests pack and recorded everything that dropped out of each. For season tokens, here’s how it fell out:

1100 - 8 times
1350 - 4 times
1600 - 1 time
2100 - 1 time
3000 - 1 time

And visually:

Hey Holeesmokes

I did some checking on this one for you. The payouts of the season tokens is definitely non-uniform - there are a set of discrete amounts that it can pay out, rather than a random number continuously generated between the minimum and maximum. When the chest was initially set up, it didn’t display the season point ranges at all, and we took the initially planned distribution and added some higher reward points at 3000 tokens to add some fun and occasional extra value to the chest.

In a later update we then added a quality of life feature that displayed possible season point payouts from the chest to display the total range of possible tokens; looking at it now, I think it could be improved if it showed more exact probabilities for the different payouts within the range, and I’ll discuss with the team to see if we can get that update in the pipeline. Sorry for any frustration on this and I hope it answers your question.


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Thank you taking the time to research that; I appreciate the thorough response.

For what it’s worth, the value proposition is really off on those now (particularly in the laughable context of being heavily discounted at $100). It’s frustrating that I won’t be able to get the things I’d love to have from the season rewards, but when I do the math, one unit skin (for instance) isn’t worth ~$18.

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