Season prizes level lock

Why does the event have a level requirement for certain prizes? I have reached Epic prizes but now need level 46 to unlock it so I can purchase it. I am no where near level 46 so how am I gonna finish and. Obtain the legendary?

Hi @Ithildur1! Thank you for reporting your issue. It’s a known bug which we are working to fix. (Ref 60414)

Do you mean the season rewards? I’m confused

@PHNEWALLETKEYS Yes, this is referring to the Seasons rewards.

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Yeah the season rewards where you can get infantry light bringer madness spectre mecha pilots etc. level 46 is a requirement to go any further but I’m not near 46 now I can’t proceed to unlock the legendary units

Ahh ok. I didn’t know that… thank you for clarifying.

Pro tip: if you haven’t already, join and active alliance. By doing this you’ll be able to get card donations, team up with alliance members, and in turn will climb the ranks quickly as well as level up. It always helps to check in on higher ranked players decks if you get the chance, just to see what cards they play and how many copies.

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Do you like my name change? Lol. Figured I’d shorten it @S7NotABot

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I was in an active alliance I just recently got kicked out Bc I went camping but before I left I notified the leader of the alliance and now I can’t get back in so I am looking for a new active alliance and waiting to see what my old leader says currently in the silver tiers

Ok! There are a few feeder alliances to the bigger ones like Synergy and my alliance, Royal Guard. Those are good places to start if you’re not able to get back into the old one

I did look at those already however the minimum rank is gold and I have yet to reach gold

Oh ok! Well when you do, definitely apply :black_heart:

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Maybe the real-life solution is to make your phone case a wallet, and attach your keys to it as a keychain. Never forget anything ever again!



The original name, Phnewalletkeys, was from an Adam Sandler song that he has in his Netflix special. If you haven’t seen it already, consider this your official warning: the song will get stuck in your head lol.

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