Season multiplier

How do season multipliers work?
Are you adding +0.1 to the rewards for events?
For example if I have 2.9 multiplier, will it become 3?

I believe it boosts your next reward by how many you have but I’m not sure :thinking:. Good question for @S7Dave

Given that it costs 25k season tokens for a .1 upgrade, it better make your breakfast and do your laundry, too. But seriously, for the amount of token it costs, I definitely need to see a detailed explanation of how it works before the ROI on that will be compelling…

My understanding is that they’re additive with your event (rank) prize multiplier. There’s a total bonus of 1.3 possible. If your normal prize multiplier is 1.3, then you’d double your rank prizes. If your normal multiplier is closer to 4, then you’d still get a pretty hefty bump (about 33% more). There are still roughly 25 events or so left in the season. That’s a very long window over which the bonus can pay itself back … and then much more. I think most players who choose to get the bonus prize multiplier will be very happy with the benefits they accrue from it over the course of the season. I’ll be trying to get it anyway :).

The Event Multipliers are additive with the multipliers that are earned from upgrading event units like Dave describes- e.g if you have a 2.9x reward multiplier and unlock the first node which gives 0.2 then your reward multiplier would increase to 3.1x

As you can see in this announcement (Increase in Event Rank Prize Multiplier Boosts), these were set to incorrect amounts when the feature first came out, which is why you were seeing the nodes as giving 0.1. @Holeesmokes was correct at estimating the ROI to be pretty poor at those numbers unless you were one of our absolute best performing players. We’ve since corrected the multipliers to be a much better deal and it should now be a great ROI for most active event players.

“Might” be a decent investment if you had the upfront cost to get them… but the cost is so high especially when the current event depends on increasing Season cards which you would need to spend tokens on…


Quick math.

If u average 10th the prize is 3.000 without any multiplier. So 1.3 times gives me 3.900 more each event.

Times 25 events equals 97.500, considering i get 1.3 upfront what is not the case cause first is 0.2 then 0.3, 0.3 and 0.5. So i can’t use 1.3 in the total 25 events.

The 1.3 multiplier costs 100.000. Something is wrong. It doesn’t worth.

Am I missing something?

Good question and thanks for the example @Templar! The math is a bit off – 1.3x means you get an extra 130%. So to take your example, if you’re earning 97,500 before any multiplier, then if you get the 1.3x additional multiplier then you’ll get an additional 97500*1.3 = 126,750 tokens. So you’d net 26,750 tokens. Assuming your regular multiplier is 3x (and thus you normally get about 3x3000=9000 tokens per event) then the 26,750 net tokens is like you playing an extra 3 events. And there are also extra coins you’ll have earned too. So it is still a good investment in your example, imo!

But wouldn’t someone making 9k per event need to play about 3 matches to get each bonus? So if there are X matches remaining, then it would be more like the weighted average: (3*3 + 3.2(x-3) + 3.5(x-6) + 3.8(x-9) + 4.3(x-12))/x? If x=25, I’m not sure the net remains positive (but I haven’t calculated it yet).

My formula may be a bit off; I can only think clearly with a pen and paper about this kind of thing, but hopefully my drift is clear.

Sorry, but I don’t follow. The bonus multiplier is applied to your rank rewards. You do need to play at least two matches to get ranked, though your example mentioned rank 10 – I’m sure that’s many more than 2-3 matches.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear at all in that post. I’ll address your question and then work on my math later. What I meant was, if there are “X” events remaining in the season, and someone makes 9k tokens on average (rank * multiplier), then they’ll need to play around 3 events before they can buy the first .2 bonus, so they’ll get that much more for “X-3” events. Then, let’s say they need to play 3 more to afford the tree and next bonus of .3. So, they’ll get that many more tokens for X-6 events, and so on.

You can’t multiply the number of coins they’ll get as a base for the rest of the season by 130% to get the ROI. They will have the full 1.3 bonus multiplier for way fewer events than that. Does that make more sense?

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So, if we assume there are 24 events left in the season and someone, on average, would earn 3000 tokens for their rank and, on average, has a 3.0 multiplier, they are looking to earn around 216,000 tokens over the rest of the season. Working it out (quite roughly, since it gets hairy to model precisely), if they focused their efforts first on buying the boost, they’d hit the max around halfway through the remainder of the season, spending 100,000 tokens and some additional amount on the tree. In return, over the remainder of the season, they’d earn around 122,400 extra tokens by virtue of the gradually increasing multiplier.

For someone with these numbers, I think the ROI would be neutral or negative; it assumes they won’t be penalized by the structure of future events for having not spent tokens on upgrading season units (and thus retain their rank and multiplier), and I’m pretty sure the tree around the boosts would eat up most or all of that 22.4k net gain above.

Of course, for folks who rank higher and have an average multiplier in the 4+ range, the ROI is better. They’ll be able to buy the boosts with fewer events’ worth of tokens, so the boosts will apply to more events over the rest of the season. The multiplier is also worth more tokens each time it’s applied to their higher-than-our-example earnings. But I think you need to be in that higher bracket for it to make much sense.

Ah yes, I follow now! Great point.

I think your analysis is spot on – because there are diminishing returns for the multipliers, it may not be good to save up for a long time only to get the boost for relatively few events. Luckily, we made it easy for players to avoid this situation by making the bonus branch only last for two weeks. Anyone who invests in getting multipliers will definitely come out ahead if they continue playing at the same pace for the rest of the season (and they will do better and better as they upgrade their cards, get higher prize multipliers and place higher with their improved cards and skills).

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