Season forge chest bug

The season forge chest says it comes with a massive chest… and it doesn’t. I got one card. Anyone else having same problem?



I also had this happen. There’s gotta be something goin on

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Yes. I got 1 common card, some coin and some season tickets. Similar to what was posted but a crappier card. I didn’t risk buying anymore.

Sorry about the incorrect label. We’ll get that fixed

To those that bought while incorrectly labeled, they should be provided with something to assure proper customer satisfaction is ensured. You’re wanting to keep gamers happy and returning, not just fixing mistakes in wording. Those that paid in feel cheated when you’re told one thing and given something else… eh? I didn’t buy the chest but I super satisfied customers.


I would normally agree but the diamond economy changed so a few diamonds doesn’t even matter anymore. Plus. The new multiplayer arena is boring. I liked trying to level up my rank. Now I’m just blindly collecting stars. It’s dumb. Play time has fallen a lot in the last 48 hours. My alliance is barely hitting 250 season tokens on daily alliance quest. We usually get 1500 but no ones been playing

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