Season ending, now what?

Hi team,

Now that this first season is ending I’m curios, will we be able to unlock units afterwards? Will they be added into any kind of season one chest for random drops or make a return in later side shops?

Even though I’ve won several events I’m no were close to maxing out one faction much less 3… would be nice to know what happens next

Time Warp cards will be unavailable for some period of time after the season.

Further details are TBD, but sure the intention is “if you want these units at all or you want them high level, earning it during the season is the best time to get them. You definitely shouldn’t skip the season and wait.”

On prior games I’ve worked on, we’ve waited over a year for any seasonal content to reappear, or never reappear.

Some of us have been trying really hard, but there’s no practical way to get the season rewards we want. I’ve spent $500 on time warp chests for the season tokens to try and catch up, only to find that further investment is disncentivized by 50%. And one of the most frustrating things about these tiers: I’m trying for units and skins, but spend half my earned/bought tokens on useless alliance tokens and absurdly expensive portraits I’ll never use.


My thoughts exactly… all I wanted was to max my legion tree. This required me having to go half way into the other factions just to unlock legend keys, and even after winning 6-7 events as #1 and placing top in many others, I’m still no where close to done. Leads me to believe that the ceiling was set waaay to high to begin with…


Glancing through top 100 in arena only 4-5 players have at least one maxed out tree. Those are the same players that have multiple maxed out decks, which means unless you are dropping significant amounts of cash on chest you will not finish a single tree of this season… I would advise to reconsider this design, because it doesn’t work well for the longevity of the game and alienates 99% of your players.

With the cards being so powerful, and limited, this increases the gap (SIGNIFICANTLY) between your free to play and paying players, which frustrates and decreases the population will of both in the long term.

Games that are successful in season design, rewards, and balance (Apex Legends for eg) has a season goal that is achievable by 80% of the players that purchases their battle pass, providing they invest the time to play and unlock them.

The average player should at least have been able to finish one faction tree here…


I have previously suggested that the cards and skins from season 1 should be essentially the only things other than coin and tokens that appear in Season 2 Time Warp Chests.

At this point in the game the other cards are useless or close to useless to me and to many other players, primarily the players who are willing to spend money on this game. I don’t want to by chests that have nothing but cards I already have maxed out or have more than enough cards to max out if I had enough coin.

Putting the Season 1 stuff into Season 2 Time Warp Chests incentivizes the players to buy those chests.


Well, overall there will likely be new units even stronger than the next. Soon you won’t be able to fit them all in a deck

We already can’t fit them all in a deck

Lyth I kinda feel like a lot of units go to waste because of this. We maybe need to be able to build secondary decks, or more card slots. Idk

We make a good deck then need to build other units for events. Here, use this unit you never bothered to build up…

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Just as planned :sunglasses: , nice.