Season cost way too high

Well…stop. Don’t let that number get bigger :joy:

This guy says stop. Hey guys did you hear this guy? He says stop :joy:

I stopped a month ago and haven’t looked back. I maintain elite but I look in the shop at packs and just laugh. In what world does 150 coins (or, really, even 20,000 coins) make a difference to the value of a pack :joy: I know I saw somewhere there’s allegedly a spreadsheet that has the values of everything that, when added up and priced, gives the “66% off” or whatever. But I got bored and did a little linear algebra the other day and I’m damned if I can find any set of coefficients that solves that thing. Seems completely arbitrary to me, and pretty insulting too.

Oh I wouldn’t doubt it. I’m sure they’re doing as little as needed to get by to agree to whatever terms they agreed to. I wonder if they have to stay online for a year otherwise their contract voids or something ?

Feeling your pain.

Well it is easy to lose track of cash going out. It is hard for a player that likes a very fast pace in a game. This is not one of those games. It’s much more of a slow process. It’s very easy to get hooked into the process. If I only had one more chest or upgrade but it just does not work that way. You just have to look at it that you are getting enjoyment out of it. I am not telling you to stop or judging. I know allot of players in this game that has dumped a boat load of cash. All of us players feed this system. If all players would stop dumping cash into this system on any game it would stop. I am guilty of the same. It’s a life lesson.

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