Season cost way too high

Not sure what prompted this? Short term greed at the expense of long term progression? But last season was costly but progressable. This season cost was massively inflated, why?


Emphatically agreed.

There are a lot of factors at play – on one hand you need more tokens to get everything. But on the other hand, we’ve increased season token payouts in event ranks, progression, daily alliance quests, wars, chests, etc. There’s also the new branch which can substantially increase your rank prize payouts (not that everyone will max out that bonus, but whatever bonus one does get from that branch will help, as long as you keep playing at the same level throughout the season). On top of this, the season is much longer, which means more time to earn tokens from all of this. I can’t say I know exactly how far players will get this season versus last season, but hopefully further! We’re monitoring it closely.

True, it’s easy to want it all and want it now. I could be wrong but so far it feels decidedly net negative compared to the last one, the cost is still a lot higher than the adding gains. Plus it’s a static cost raise and feels like slower and more dynamic gains. So by the time you max out the gain vectors, their boost duration is severely impacted. But I guess time will tell. Just the initial feel now that all branches are open.

We track this kinda thing. Compared to last season, players have “collected” the same percentage of the season tree as the same point in time during last season.

But it’s a shorter tree, isn’t it? (I can’t recall last season’s exactly but it feels way shorter but more expensive.)

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My understanding is that across all players who have seasons unlocked, the average percentage of “I’ve collected 0% [nothing] from the season” to “I’ve collected 100% [everything] in the season” is same-ish now as it was after the same number of days into the Time Warp season.

I can believe that. I think what may be driving this sensation is that there are fewer rewards to buy and they’re proportionally more expensive. Saving up for 3 events to get the next reward doesn’t have the same feel as getting to choose 3 or 4 every event from among more, less expensive options. It doesn’t surprise me that folks are generally as far along as a percent; it’s just that they’ve bought fewer in number from among fewer in number.

My point is that it just feels laggy when things costing 15k+ pop up in the tree so often.


I think it also decreases the duration and utility to the units. That’s now 3 events you can’t use said unit, whereas before you could use it sooner and thus got better value for it.

It also means when you meet a bot/boosted player with a maxed version of that unit. You have even less ability to counter it.

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Totally agree. I want y’all to make money but y’all are killing this game with greed. New players are just giving up because of the high cost. You can buy an Xbox and several games for what it cost to reach top gold. If you burn hundreds of hours without pouring cash in you get so tired of loosing you switch to another game. Good grief $100 for a package deal. Get real. Get Smart. Lower the cost and you will get double the players.

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There are many players ranked higher than this who have elected to play with just Elite.


Like me! :smiley: only bought 2-3 packs…

Maybe the first group of players. There is nobody on my team or any other teams that I have talked with that has. I understand your position and I totally believe you need to make money but it’s a little over the top. I would rather pay for a membership and pay for each and every item rather than chest of stuff I do not need or want. If I buy a Xbox I can buy any game that I want much cheaper than a big chest. You are also forgetting about the time element that all of us players are pouring into this game because we love it. I have put at least $500 into this game and I know that is dumb to do but I do get enjoyment out of playing. I know you have done all this analyze and marketing work behind making this game and have all the rights to charge what ever you want but as a customer of yours and that what I am I can say I think your prices are over the top. Thanks for your reply. I still love the game. Except for the price.

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How long have you been playing

Haha… multiple months. Just hit diamond

Well you or an exception and probably a natural player. Then I can say I have spoken to one player that has not put up a chunk of cash. But you had to slugged it out like a yo-yo up and down in rank and many many hours of playing. It’s just to slow for me and many others to do that. I could care less about rank silver or gold etc. I am not asking for any free stuff or buckets of coins. I would rather spend my money on what I want and not what someone is telling me to buy. Granted I can walk away and not play anymore but I would rather voice my thoughts. I am not just speaking for myself but my teammates as well. There is way to much manipulation in this system when it comes to matching making, the ways cards drop, upgrading and the prediction of who going to win before the battle has begun and skewing a players deck/power. Life is unfair and there is winners and losers. That’s just part of. It should be that way in the game without manipulation. Now I am not saying the their is an evil plot by any means. I just do not like the prices and I think this game is a winner but if the will listen it could be a even greater game and would bring even more players in and increase their profits. Affordability choice and price mad WalMart ,Mc.Donalds and many more.

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Agreed with you there. And yes I have put in MANY hours in the game

While I agree the cost of packages is no longer worth the price and even before they were expensive there are a few things to consider.

  1. The prices can’t be too cheap because even if they make more from more sales overall many more player will move up faster which limits what they have left to do in the game, it’s a balance but Imdont think they found the sweet spot.

  2. The change in the overall value of the packages for the price was frankly obnoxious to those of us who had been spending money on them. I haven’t bought an event package since they made that change.

  3. The fact that as we get higher and higher in level the majority of what you get in the packages (cards) becomes worthless is a big problem for encouraging repeat business.

  4. Selling smaller things and a daily gem allotment like so many other games do would be nice. Selling skins for a reasonable price would be nice as well.

As you implied in your post Viper4, when I started playing I think I made it to diamond without spending any significant money but to get the champion I definitely benefitted significantly from having spent hundreds of dollars.


I agree but I also think they can come up with new and improved task in the campaigns or within the battles to keep the game exciting. My worries is for the teams long term and for new players getting frustrated and leaving. If you look at some of the very first teams formed their leadership activity says very low. I wonder why? They have just reach their limit in rank or is it because it just the same old thing. I really do not care for the give me cards or even the coins. Now to encourage new players I think it is a smart thing to do. Let’s say when you reach silver you do not get the free stuff and you have to purchase every single item but and a reasonable cost. Then when you reach gold the price can go up a little more and so on. I would be more than willing pay a higher monthly fee. It just seems like their is so much manipulation within the game regarding match making, cost and general options. That part is frustrating to many players. There has to be a way for them to make equal money or more by giving all players more options on purchasing. I think the minds behind this game are very smart people and I believe they could come up with a way to have lower cost and keep players in the game long term. I want them to make lots of money and keep investing their efforts improving this game.

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Try $4,000.00 USd and I still can’t do anything with all these extra cards that I don’t need and these alliance tokens that are useless to me.

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