Season Coin Spending Troubles

My handle is MaximusDesimus and I love this game. You guys are doing a great job keeping it fresh, challenging and exciting. I do however have a tiny problem. I’m having difficultly making purchases with my season tokens. If possible can someone look into that for me please.

Thank you,
Sam T.

This was discussed in another thread. There is a bug that they are fixing. You can purchase the item at the sale price, but only if you have enough coin to cover the listed non-sale price. In the pic you posted, you need 2000 tokens in your account to make the purchase, but you will only be charged 1500.

Apparently they’re rolling out another update to fix the update (ugh) and the fix for this is supposed to be in there. When that will actually happen? Who knows. If it’s like all the other problems with this game, they may appear to have fixed it but I can guarantee there will be a horrible hidden update in there somewhere. Wait for it…

This is fixed in v2.31 (released earlier this morning). We’re also extending the sale duration.

Got it…thanks all

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