Season chest

Why am I only get reapers and dragon flies from season? Why not anything else?

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I’m only getting reapers and heralds… I wish I could get some Dragonflies

I get a lot of dragonflies and heralds, etc, but I’ve had 1 recruit and several epics I needed, as well. It’s been lucky enough that my buying strategy has been to get the recruits and cannons I needed first so as to open as many chests as possible, even though the epic trees are the ones I most severely needed.

Started getting all heralds. Then Went to reapers, now all dragonflies. Did get a lightbringer sprinkled in once just for fun. Lol. Unfortunately I didn’t need most of the cards. Still plugging away at the tree :deciduous_tree:

Reaper, Dragonfly, and Herald are literally the only units I get. Two of those are maxed out

Reapers and dragonfly’s for me only nothing else.

@S7Dragon I thought we would already get different cards From the legendary and epic chest but still the same shit. Why do I open a asc legendary chest and get legion or rogue rare?

Idk I don’t want to say much.only thing I don’t like is the chest I would love to have the old chest back.

I got warp and all of rare unitsπŸ˜‚lol

I get dragon tly, herald and reaper over and over. We should get the others units too

Today I got 3 Dragonflies

2 days ago i got dynamo too. So i know season chest not just only rare units.

I’ve previously gotten ranger, hellion, and riot cannon

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