Season 3 unit suggestion - countering madness

I think it would balance the game if legion’s medic droid can cure madness from units, and if Rogue units can equip self-detonators in an area similar to suit up card. Keeping true to form of each alliance but curbing the overpowered madness card.


@Ꮆ尺ㄖ山ㄒ卄 Hummm interesting point on medic, that could make an interesting use of it. Certainly it should be then probably proper code to maybe prioritize on curing madness first everywhere, then heal back. Not sure to catch the rogue proposal, do you mean a new unit?


Yes, because it isn’t already hard enough to kil an Avasaa supported by two medic drones already

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Yeah I’d think an AoE card like rally point or suit up.

@ToneysReviews however if madness is used on avasa AND the droid together it would be my assumption that it wouldn’t be able to heal or cure madness. It would be much more tactically used

Bro, you’re trying to make an unstoppable commander even more unstoppable. Literally, madness is all ascension has to deal with her.

All you’d have to do is hold your drones and then drop them when madness is out.

I can’t agree with this suggestion.

Regardless of your thoughts, The range of seraphs and madness combine to be devastating in comparison to the commander. I like that you’re providing valuable feedback though to my idea.

I just see ascension being the weakest current faction.

Without madness I’ve literally had a avasaa walk through all of my units.

Then typhoons completely take us out.

Also, just drop a jet onto of a Sephora and it does zero ent as it melee attacks

Luckily, there is real data to decide either way if S7 looks into it. Maybe you just need to re-strategize your ascension play to win. Good luck!

I’ve always been a top 100 with a lvl 15 deck, lol.

Maybe that says something about your overpowered cards

Or maybe it says, that I am skilled and tactical to how I play them. All and all legion is over powered as they completely counter the other factions