Season 3: Time Warp Redux!

Greetings Commanders!

I am excited to announce Season 3: Time Warp Redux! This season is a little different than previous seasons, giving players the ability to acquire some season units during events directly!

Season 3 is only 1.5 months long instead of 3, and features a chance for players to get any season 1 cards that they did not get during season 1, and a chance for newer players to get them for the first time! In this new mode, all branches for all factions start off unlocked right away. Each unit branch is a bit shorter - there are enough cards in each branch to get the cards up to level 13, rather than 17, but we have also added additional ways to obtain the seasonal cards.

Event chests are now available during every event, both in the recruit menu as event prizes/for diamonds, and in value packs, and these event chests contain units from the current event, including the season 1 and season 2 cards found in the event. These chests can be earned as prizes in the events and opened in the recruit tab, or you can use diamonds from your daily quests to open them directly! These event chests also contain a small number of season points in each.

Each season branch contains special Time Warp Redux chests which contain a random season 1 unit! We hope you enjoy the new season!