Screen perspective problem

See attached; this happened to me a couple of days back. I’m not 100% sure what, if anything, of significance may have happened before it. It’s possible my phone was tilted in such a way that the orientation would have been portrait if I weren’t in the game, as the battlefield loaded. Just FYI. Hasn’t happened again to me but I noticed Sharkscarz mention it in global chat just now.

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@Holeesmokes We’ve not been able to reproduce this issue in-house for a very long time. What we think is happening is that the game is being brought back from backgrounding, which can cause some sort of camera control problem. We can look into this more, but in the meantime, full-closing the app after playing should at least mitigate the chances of this happening.

This has happened to me multiple times, even when the app has been closed

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