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I too hate losing to this bug. Gauntlet battles, even!

BTW, I am not sure how to oost thread replies… maybe this will work! XD


Thanks for the report @Varza. We’ve seen this bug happen on our end a handful of times too and are looking into a fix. It has something to do with rotating the device, which messes with the resolution. Sorry for any frustration it might have caused in the meantime.


I have this happen constantly. It is infuriating. It takes any progress I make in ranks and throws it down the drain. Or worse is when I’ve just beaten back a huge onslaught and have a major upper hand and then am allowed to do nothing. I get this bug in probably 1/3 of the games I’ve played. I do not rotate my screen or anything. I’ve gotten it with every faction. I’ve had it happen with few units on the field and with tons. I’ve been looking for a pattern and have seen nothing except it most often happens when I am trying to place a unit.


Hi @PowerCreep! I’m so sorry to hear that this problem is happening to you! Can you please send a support request through and mention my name and say I asked you to write to us?

In our internal testing, we’ve seen this bug maybe once a month! It happens so infrequently that we don’t manage to reproduce it regularly enough for us to determine what the underlying problem is. If you can help us figure out steps to reproduce this problem reliably, I’m sure we can get to the bottom of it.

Thanks again, and I apologize that this is happening to you!

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