“Scrap” update suggestion

Not happy with the update at all. I have one small suggestion that I believe would satisfy a lot of players. The introduction of “scrapping” cards for a new scrap currency is horrible. It makes nearly unattainable upgrades even more outlandish. Me, and everyone in my alliance had at least 20-40 upgrades available, just needed the coin to do so. Now we need coin and scrap? HA.

My suggestion is to keep the “scrap” concept… but lose the scrap currency PLEASE. Instead, allow us to scrap unwanted cards for coins. That would make so many players happy and make upgrades much easier, and tailor each players deck to their liking.


I agree! Remove this dusting currency. Allow us to scrap for coins. No need to add another extra layer of complexity.

Before hard to upgrade because of coins. Now hard to upgrade because no cards and this dusting currency. You didn’t make things any easier, but made things 10x harder!!!


Exactly. Just another cost. No rewards for acquiring units.


Before we were able to grind and still get some coins for upgrades. Might’ve took a while to do. But doable.

Now with this dusting currency, I don’t want to scrap cards, I haven’t fully upgraded yet. And I can’t get this new dusting currency, so I can’t upgrade. What’s the point in even continue playing then.

You can give us a million coins. But no use if we can’t use it to upgrade anymore. Totally Illogical!!!


And don’t forget scrapping cards only gives you dust for that faction


Have plenty of excess cards (when they restore the units). Getting the dust is not an issue yet. The net is an increase in upgrade cost.

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I hope they give us back what we had previously. But I doubt that, because they will say they needed to adjust to the new economy.


Yes! Specific dusting currency for each faction makes it even harder.

They really want people to quit playing.

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That is exactly what we’ve been asking the devs to do for months now. Allow us to trade in extra cards for coins. None of this two types of currency to upgrade bullshit. But did they listen to us??? NOPE!!!

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According to their math. 200 Diamonds is $1.99.

Each chest now is 400 Diamonds. So you are spending about $4 to obtain each card now.

Donating a card Is only 700 dusting credits.

You need 40k+ - 70k+ dusting credits for each upgrade.

How many cards you need to scrap or donate to get that many dusting credits.

They must think their players are really rich!


They think we’re dumb and won’t notice that crap. But in reality, the player base is full of highly intelligent individuals. We’re not idiots, and we see what they’re doing. Forget being decent human beings, it’s all about the money for them. Lol they are an offshoot of Pocket Gems, after all


Thanks for the notes. I wrote a series of responses on the topic of scrap and why it was added. Here’s what I wrote earlier tonight:

So basically you just want to cater the game for those who have spent the most money to max their cards out. This benefits the top 5-10%, screws the rest of us.

You guys should go into politics.

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