Scrap and prior cards

Here is my demand. I want scrap enough to max out every cards I had ready to max out before the update. I spent money on chests there was a real world value associated with my ability to max out those cards. Removing that is STEALING MONEY in my opinion. So the solution is give me enough of the new currency to be able to do what I could have done before.


I want this dusting currency removed!

It is hard enough to get cards now. Where we had a ton of before. Now it’s hard to get cards and hard to get this dusting currency. Why would I want to scrap my cards which I have not even max out yet? This is the dumbest idea!

Before it was hard to get coins to upgrade. But if we grind, it was still possible. Not this makes it doubly hard. Who cares if u have coins, when u don’t have cards or this stupid dusting currency!

I hope you will make this right. Many players will definitely quit because of this. Makes it too cumbersome and difficult to upgrade.

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Keep scrap, just allow us to scrap for coins instead and remove the ridiculous dust currency

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Yes removing it entirely would be better.

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Thanks for the notes. I wrote a series of responses on the topic of scrap and why it was added. Here’s what I wrote earlier tonight:

Why cant i upgrade Season Units? I used scrap for dust but cant use it on them. Why is the game showing me i Need 72000 dust when its not possible to Upgrade.

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I’m sorry I’ve never heard of this issue before. Can you please send a screenshot? I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying.

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