School is back, time to retire

Hi, folks! I wanted to leave some generic feedback. I’ve absolutely loved this game; the pacing is just right for a busy guy (father of five), it’s quick, fun, and lighthearted enough I can let my kids watch me play. I admittedly don’t want to think about how much money I’ve spent.

Alas, I suspect this weekend may be my last, and I wanted to provide the feedback to why. I have no bitter apples and I’m not mad or nothing; but I’ve loved the game enough I wanted to share what I hope is some useful information.

I’ve been fortunate to do well in the Events; I place pretty high, and even have two #1’s under my belt. But that requires a willingness to be awake until the end of the event.

School starts soon and I live on the East Coast. It’d be 1 o’clock in the morning before I go to bed, and that’s just not reasonable with work and my kids’ school the next day.

Like I said, no bitter apples. I’m sure you have well-reasoned strategies for the time (after all, and earlier time would be very early on the West Coast!) I don’t know what could be done about it.

I’ve really enjoyed the game but knowing that it’d be relatively impossible to win events is kind of a bummer. I don’t want to jeapordize my family’s daily success competing until 1AM, and thus, alas, I think it’s time to roll.


event start times change cuz its a world wide game

Serious question: why not keep playing with full knowledge you won’t be #1 on the leaderboard? Tons of people play for months without every reaching above #50 because it’s just fun to play even if they’re not a top contender

Thank you for the feedback, being part of the community and a supporter of our project.

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I’m surprised by your question, especially since it seems the general strategy of this game is to entice people into winning and getting more until they are at the top. Those people who play for months are likely playing believing that someday they will get there, and there is always that chance they will get there.

The only way people will play passively is if there’s a unique aspect of the game that they enjoy. In this case, it is the campaigns, gauntlet, and events. Campaigns run out quickly. Gauntlet is too expensive to play regularly. Events are disheartening and rewards those with higher-ranked items. Therefore most of the players play for the rankings. The goal of being #1 is fun.

That’s why I’m leaving the game and no longer spending anymore money on it. The bug that caused me to lose out of leveling up my season units and equally competing with people has not been fixed, and support has not compensated me for all of my time spent not getting towards #1. There is no point in playing the game anymore. I’ll come back in a few months to see if the bug has been fixed, but will be a free to play player from then on.

I am/was a big supporter of this game. I’ve spent 5k on it. I am also retiring because the devs take no time in developing parts of the game that would make it fun. Instead all they want is aspects that will bring in. Money. Still no extra deck slots. No skins. No guild revamp and chat system. So much could be done. But nah

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All of these are great ideas and things we want to do too – but time is limited, so unfortunately we can’t promise to do them all right away (though we’d love to). (Except guild revamp – not sure what you have in mind there, but I’d love to learn!)

I think the problem is there is no balance in features that advance the game and ones meant to try and increase spend. You need both to offset each other. Right now it’s so heavily on one that the other is almost non existent.

I’m sorry you feel that way.

It might not feel that way externally, but at least since March a huge portion of our development effort has been focused on developing “social features” where the only goals we’re tracking and trying to optimize are “are players playing together, talking together and forming better social relationships in the game.” I could go through our release notes to cut & paste a pretty long list of features we built around chat systems, alliance recommendations, features for alliances to play together, etc

There’s a lot of moves you could do that would work on this then that you haven’t…

  1. completely ignored 2v2 and the ladder
  2. focused into alliance war which revolves around events which have an even greater influence of expenditure
  3. reduced coins and decreased rate at which season prizes are achieved

For the most part, assuming you’re just missing things, versus seemingly a push for further monetization…those are some of the biggest ways teams/players interact. And yet, the thing that has been pushed the hardest was an individualized expenditure. That is probably why people have issues trusting the supposedly noble intent.

Honestly, and I think you know this, there are much less predatory ways to get people to engage. You just chose that one. If the 1v1 and 2v2 ladder was more rewarding, people would push that more. I am not sure what part of playing by yourself under strenuous conditions of more and more expensive tickets in matches with horrid unit selections is promoting teamwork?

While your words and supposed intent say one thing. Most of your actions point towards another.

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