Same stuff, different day

If you aren’t gonna take any of what your customers say seriously then just close down shop yeah? It’s not like half the playerbase isn’t gone already anyway! Btw this is yet another bot, and the whole “boosted level” doesn’t really explain why they have CHALLENGER EMBLEMS, plus it doesn’t make much sense to “boost” level against someone who isn’t maxed lol that’s literally you admitting that you’ll force us to lose if we go on a seven win streak like I was image
Edit 1: here’s another, I’ll keep adding examples of your match making (in events) image
Funny how this is the closest I get to matching with opponents my level. Trash. Pure trash. image
DJ Khalid: anotha one
Funny how we keep getting told that match making is based on deck power and players cards are only boosted to bring alignment to 30-50% win chance for each side but it really just forces a loss
Also interesting how your leagues are set up with all sorts of levels and ranks, this guy literally owned the last tournament because of how you changed the trophy pay out but I guess that’s fair in S7s mind