Same enemys over and over

Hey Devs,
I think mm is still buggy cause i only face the same 4 player over and over since i reach challenger.
Maybe theres no bug, but then pls explain to me why i dont get other enemys.
My current enemys since ever are hummern, zeltazum, super and juba and im rly tired of playing against them.


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It’s likely that they’re the only players at your ranked zone to compete with in the 2v2 area at that time. I think WB needs more players, but when they start, they don’t even see you on the battle roster unless they’re spending and upgrading.

I dont think so … i face them always … if i play at night its zelta and hummern, i play at lunch its super and juba and so on … where are the other players from the top100 ? There are not 96 royal guard players.
I dont have a problem to play against them, its just boring playing 10-20 times in a row against them.
Thats a buggy mm or just bad programming.

I agree I see the same people again and again and others I never see. I’ve been saying the game needs an algorithm to prevent people from playing the same group multiple times in a row since in general it’s not fun. It’s been ignored. If there are really so few people playing that this cannot be implemented there is a much bigger problem here. Part of the issue is when a really tough pair starts playing together others decide its time to do something else, especially when you hit them over and over again, OR simply know from experience that you will. Maybe after losing twice to the same team the game should let you opt out of facing the same group again that hour or something like that.


@Pleitedieb funny thing is the number of times me and UMB got you and Micha together a couple of months ago was ridiculous.

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