Sale on season items

So my rogue faction has a sale where the cost in tokens is lower for the next 5 days. Is this something that will swap among the factions or did it just pick the faction Imhave least interest in and give me a sale to try and make me spend my tokens there?

In other words I want to work on ascension but my sale is in rogue which I don’t want to develop now. Is this just oh well I don’t get the benefit of the sale and others do?

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I’m wondering the same thing! I have a feeling they won’t tell us though…

Oh and rogue is showing as 25% off for me for 5 days as well.

As a rogue player, I’m pumped about the sale :wink: my guess is that it’ll alternate over the season.

So after not answering any of our questions on the sale you give us a legion sale but only on epic not rare. This is the worst balanced sale in the world, I was waiting for a sale on legion to upgrade suit up at the same benefit rogue players got on a Typhoon, instead the sale is on epic which is not the same rarity or benefit as the prior sale. No communication and no fairness. I expect when legendary opens you will have a sale on ascension legendaries only…

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Thanks for the feedback @Lyth. Some food for thought that I’ll pass onto the team.

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