S7 is scammers

so the last to emote packs was 9.99 and now y’all up the price to 19.99 are y’all trying to squeeze the last bit of money out of before y’all servers go down like what y’all thinking such a bad move just shows and proves everyone point that y’all money hungry

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Yeah it’s too expensive :weary:

Lol they think we don’t notice that sort of thing. Honestly, S7 treats us like a bunch of kids

Then they trying to say it’s a 60% discount lol yeah right so fake S7 and here I was trying to stick by y’all side and yet y’all doing this shit smfh


Please do not purchase the item if you don’t think it’s worth it.

Closing this post as a duplicate of Emotes store feedback

It’s misinformation to call something a “scam” because you don’t like the price of something. Please see that thread for a reference on the appropriate way to give feedback.