S7 Fatal Mistake

What a cluster. After nearly 3 years, I finally hate this game. Good job S7… it’s not just the ripping away of ppls units, increase in costs to upgrade and money grabbing…

By removing the silver/gold/diamond rankings, you’ve effectively made it meaningless to strive to win. You’ve lost our interest. What’s the point to it now?

Oh, and nice how my last ‘lifetime’ Elite (USD $37.99) apparently expires today. You want another ‘lifetime’ Elite payment now? Nope. Not a single cent for you again. Time to find a game and developer with some integrity. I don’t see this one redeeming itself.


Sorry to hear this. Wow you’ve been around a long time. Try getting a refund. Hope you get it. Wish you the best. Good luck.

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Thanks for reporting this bug it is the first I’ve heard of it. Please tell our support team via the “contact us” link in the game and we’ll get that fixed.

We’re waiting to see how the new system plays out, but we fully intend to re introduce these concepts. It’s not hard to imagine a series of arenas for silver, gold, diamond after the level-17 arena. Things like ranked borders are easily linked to leaderboard or arena.

You’re gonna need more ranks other than just the people who can get through lvl 17 arena. Also many players are feeling forced to play all 3 factions now which isn’t right. Will I have to get 3 start in 17 arena to be able to play for a rank again? If so half of your champions will quit. It took me nearly a year to get a handful of 17s on one faction. If I have to start from level 12 again in both my other factions just to earn the right to fight my main again I’m not gonna do it. I’m usually pretty optimistic about new changes and can see this being decent as it does almost eliminate bad matches. However forcing players to play factions/commanders they don’t like is not a very good idea.


Also, you say you’re waiting to see how it plays out but as of right now none of us are playing arenas as much as we used to play ranked. They’re boring and they feel like we’re working for nothing. Probably the funnest thing about this game was climbing ranks. Sure I get you guys have to make economy changes to prevent people from going through content faster than you can make it but no matter how slow or fast the economy is if there’s nothing to play for there’s no reason for us to strive to better our cards. As of now most of your dedicated player base is also playing this waiting game and I’m not sure how long we’ll hold out. Global is the only entertainment this game currently offers if there wasn’t such a strong bond between the players in this community I think the game would’ve died completely already


Every single day since the game launched, we receive many many upset complaints in ALL CAPS about how the player in question pressed the “Battle” button and they were handed a match which they thought was unfair. Many of these players quit playing the game shortly thereafter. Many players in the past have quit playing the game when they see such a match without bothering to write in to complain about it. This has been, by far, the biggest complaint players have with our game.

The people who read/write on this forum are a very biased sample. Anyone who is on this forum is someone who was willing to look past all of those problems and play the game anyway – and play it long enough that they’re engaged enough to yap on this forum. I also am like you – I personally thought the old system was pretty good. Unfortunately, we’re in the minority – we’re the small set of people who were willing to play anyway even though the matchmaker would do things which we thought looked unfair sometimes. We were willing to see past that and keep playing the game anyway. The vast majority of people who play the game see a match where they think is unfair and say “this game is broken, I’m quitting now.” It’s way too hard to explain to them why the old matchmaking made sense (Why do I have to fight someone who has cards which are higher than mine? Why does my medals move up a small amount and then sometimes down a large amount?)

We had to do something about it. We tried for 9 months to try to make an ELO-based ranking matchmaking system work, implementing lots of changes and bandaids. We failed to make that work. We continued to get lots and lots of complaints about unfair matches no matter what we tried… until three days ago! We’ve received 0 complaints about unfair matches since the update came out – except from battles in events (which we can be pretty easily converted to the new system as well!)

We’re going to try this, monitor the results and see how this plays out. We had to take some risk to try to fix this problem – it’s the very most loudest complaint we’ve heard since the game was released. We understand that the people who were willing to play in the old system don’t need or necessity want this change — but we couldn’t sit and ignore the problem. If we actually manage to solve the “I think this game gives me unfair matches” problem, our #1 complaint since launch – I think that’s a very good thing. If we manage to strike that problem off the list, it gives us some space to weave back in some of the things we’ve lost in the transition.

We are fully aware of the things which were lost in making this change – I personally was in charge of the social features of the game and am very aware how much things like 2v2, ranking, rank boarders, leaderboards lead to building community. We had to take some risk and make a core change – even if it broke some of that stuff. Once we see how this new matchmaking system is working out, we’ll figure out the right way to bring some of that stuff back in.


I agree 100% and I am one of the few who still have faith in the fact that things will get better. A lot of my teammates agree that solo matchmaking is more balanced than ever. My main point here is that while it’s fair now it is utterly boring for most of your loyal players since we have nothing to grind for other than coins and diamonds. I’m sure the fair solo (and hopefully soon) 2v2 matchmaking will retain new players down the line. I’ve been here since launch season and am aware of all the problems the elo system has caused and when I first saw the patch notes I thought “this could be a great fix” I still believe that. You said that thing ranks to arenas would be simple, I’m merely suggesting you do that sooner than later.

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Man, you might want to undertake some marketing training.

Comments from an S7 ‘representative’ about forum members being biased and ‘yapping’ are unnecessarily inflammatory and unprofessional in the extreme.

You guys are the masters of your own destruction - but sure, it’s your game. Wait it out or whatever.

I hope you’re keeping an eye on player analytics - I bet it’s already dropped at least 25%.

It’s a crying shame. You’ve single handedly destroyed what was one of the better games on iOS. Bravo.


I think it’d be hard for people on this forum to believe, but app usage rates are up across most metrics since the update came out. It’s unclear if people are just using it more because they’re surprised/baffled by the change, but so far tentatively things look decent from a “engagement metrics” standpoint.

You don’t need to burn down a building to fix a leaky roof. There was no need to remove 2v2 or ranking to do what you did. You could have left it in and incorporated it but you chose not to over the serious objections and warnings of the player base.

Well we just had 2 good and long time players leave the guild and quit the game over your fix. That’s just the start, lots of people are talking about following.


I don’t know what usage rates you are looking at. Personally I’m playing less and others in my guild are on less and the social aspects that kept us engaged are disappearing. So I’m not sure what you are seeing in your metrics but it’s not reflected in our guild chat.


I think my version of that analogy is that you need to tear some things down to fix the foundation, and then build it back up.


The foundation of this game is what you removed. All the social and cooperative aspects. Now it’s collapsing… if you want to use your analogy.


As much as I like social gameplay (I’ve been in charge of building it), it’s not true that it’s the foundation or core of the game for the majority of the players. The vast majority of players do not chat, play 2v2, join alliances, etc. For instance, “campaign mode” has always had many more people playing it per day than 2v2.

Some players do use these social things, and many of them are our best players. That’s why we’ve focused so much on it in the past. I personally love social game-play – that’s why I’ve been working on it all year.

But, realistically, those social features on built on top of a foundation of things every single player uses – a fun battle game, matchmaking, reward systems, etc.

We like the social features and plan to bring them back once we’re sure we’re building on a good foundation.

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I ran some metrics on your alliance – HOD. I’m not going to be able to get signoff from every single member of the alliance to give out a high level of detail on the numbers I see… but generally things look very healthy comparing before/after the update in terms of amount of alliance chat, battles per day, number of times logging in, etc.

I’m not disagreeing with you that losing prominence of 2v2/rankings/leaderboards/etc won’t hurt the community over time, but so far it’s not showing up. We want to bring these things back when we’re sure we’re building on the right foundation.

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Well you should come into our chat and see how pissed off the members are, how unhappy, and how poised to quit. I couldn’t tell you how many battles anyone played because 2v2 is essentially gone. I can only tell you what people are saying and how strongly they hate what you have done.


Respectfully disagree. I mean, we are still playing, but not nearly as much. I don’t even have 5000 medals in this event. I usually get 15 to 30k. I’m frustrated and I don’t even want to play. I’m pissed off that you took all the extra cards that I paid for, which there were thousands of some cards, I can’t even donate to my teammates now. I’m frustrated as hell at whatever this matchmaking stuff is so I don’t even do battles now. There’s no rank so there’s zero reason to really even strive to go forward. That’s my personal opinion as the only original HOD member/mod still in it. The others got so fed up that they left long ago. I’m sad to say that I can feel myself slowly inching behind them. I didn’t think it was broken and it didn’t need fixing. :woman_shrugging:t3:


We plan to bring back social features once we see how the new foundation is playing out.

We have all worked so hard to get here and taking away 2v2 has destroyed team spirit and cause of what ever you did to the cards I can’t max out infentry carrier even though I collected all the cards for it and when I told someone about it no one bothered to fix it.