Rounding up on lvl didn’t work

I had all 3 units upgraded with dust and coins so roxie could go get to lvl 15 before the update, though I never had the chance to upgrade her. After the update I need to upgrade all of the units again so I can lvl up roxie. I thought the leveling was supposed to benefit us? Now all of my commanders are at 0/3 and I have to upgrade all of the units again to be where I was at. Additionally, my dogs were at 16 and I had 3/3 to get them up to 17, one upgrade away with full units. Now I have 6/6, upgrades, and went to lvl 46. I’m out of dogs now. I should have had enough to get to 17 (50). Your update said everything would be equivalent. Please help. Thanks.@S7campusLifer

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