Round table improvement

Hello, I’m was wondering if the devs would ever or have ever considered having a round table kind of talk with the player base. To receive real feed back from us the players. I know with all the new changes and updates to improve and enhance game play is player driven as while as a great development team.
However I feel as though a true round table talk between players and developers would provide tremendous insight and feed back to improve the game even more.

THank you,
NoNotYou aka HBU


In addition, a discussion like this would also help us better understand the big picture as players, as well as help us to feel better about continuing to support the game if we have a vague idea of what to expect for improvements and overall goals of the developer team, while the forums do help, it would also go a temendous distance in helping the community feel as though we are being heard and included in the process. We love this game, and we are tired of seeing top players set it aside.


This is something we’ve definitely discussed before internally and would like to do in the future. I don’t have any “we’re definitely going to do X” examples right now, or even a set timeline for this, but I’ve been working with the team on some initiatives to better collect feedback and interact with players like you more organically.

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