Rogue Nuke is useless

So the Level 17 Nuke doesn’t do any damage to Giga while protected by the shield, and It does little or no damage when Avasa is covered by suit up, I guess Rogue life is no more lol!

That doesn’t make it useless. The Giga shield has always been a mitigation. Avasa in Suit Up is pretty OP, for sure, but my nukes against bases and a wave of tech 2 on the field are pretty helpful…

It depends I guess what you liked to do with it, for me that’s what I liked using it for…

The answer to avasa suit up is raildog

I’ve stopped using nuke. Power decrease made it not worthwhile - according to the devs, the power decrease was to prevent it being used as effectively in ascension warp in 2’s. Now with madness, nuke is even more useless. It’s sad that another faction has ruined the best rouge unit.

If you are top 5 llama, I may have copied your rogue deck after being smashed by it multiple times :kissing_heart:

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Yeah that’s me Jed :slight_smile:

I have to admit I (tried) to copy it too. I couldn’t play it nearly as well as @_llama though.

Same here. I just went back to what “sort of” worked for my rogue deck.

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