Rewards: Challenger vs Champion

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As title above suggest I do not see any difference in multiplayer battle chest rewards and the monthly ranking reward is still the same “master shipment”.
Any ideas?

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Yes, this is as expected. If you go to the panel which lists the ranks and their rewards, you’ll see that it’s the same for both of these ranks.

Whether that should be changed is another topic which I do not know the answer to. But I know this is how it is currently designed to work and it’s listed as such in the game!

Ok thanks for explaining!

This has been brought up a few times actually, but we have all been asking for it to be changed. Nobody ever has an answer as to why it’s like that, and when we will see a vast improvement. I’ve suggested a couple times that Champions especially should get massive rewards, but again no one has an answer. Kind of astonishing, that there’s no difference. Like, “ thanks for kicking butt and playing our game, here’s absolutely nothing”.

I do not know the answer to that question, but I do not personally see it as objectionable.

Sometimes people do things because they are intrinsically motivated to be the best and don’t need outside rewards to do it. In my personal opinion, it’s fine if this top rank lists itself as having no rewards (aside from a nice portrait-frame for bragging rights.) Players who want to compete and be the best because they find that motivating can choose to do it, and people who only want to do things because they’re rewarded to do it can choose not to.

I think they should get some notable reward. It would help the reward based players to play more pvp. Maybe add in some season tokens or diamonds in there

I feel no need to ever grind in champion once I hit it each season. I rarely play ladder on my main faction. There’s no carrot on the stick to chase, so it feels like a waste of time.

This is a personal opinion.

There is a lot of variability in the Champion rank because it’s recalculated on a regular basis based on the top 100 players. so for players in the 80-120 range, it’s creates a lot of stress to increase the gap. So distinguishing the top 100 players is more about achievement while any players who achieved the challenger rank get the same rewards.

I don’t really want the top 100 players to grind for rewards, only for the ability to say they are the best 100. players.

That would be different if this was a truly free to play game as well. When there is a dollar amount associated with wanting to “be the best” that sort of affects that outcome. So the idea that people should also just want to intrinsically want to do it but failing to address the cost associated seems at best a bit short sighted.

It’s not that people don’t, but given that it cost they need to recoup some of that cost or else it’s a value calculation that it’s simply not worth it. Hopefully this helps further the understanding of why players care about the difference. If you told me skill and hard work get me this achievement I think maybe 90/100 would go “yeah that’s for me “ and then you go…and it cost $100k. I bet that number goes down significantly.

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