Reward Multiplier

With all the criticism floating around, I would like to take a moment to say the reward multiplier was a great answer to how difficult it is to progress in the season trees without spending significant amounts of money. I think there is now a great balance between earning and buying new cards in this truly unique way you have found to release them. I especially appreciate that it directly considers the progress we have already made as players and monitory supporters in this game. I feel like someone’s needs to mention how awesome this is.

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Except with the reward multiplier came with match making based on event unit power and screwed everything up even more than it was for everyone who isn’t a whale. Not to mention there’s been almost complete radio silence since campuslifer explained the history of match making

Thank you so much for your positive feedback @Chucklesb011! Really appreciate you taking the time to let us know when we get things right.

I know there’s frustrations around the tuning of reward multiplier. It’s our first version of it so we are still working on balancing it properly. Our intention is to reward higher level players, not reduce rewards across the board.