Restoration of missing cards

I see some of the missing cards are back but others are not. My Longshot which I mentioned in prior posts was over 10000 extra cards because I decided to specifically collect that one, is now only 32 cards. My Pyro which had hundreds if not thousands of extra cards now has only one card over the minimum to max it out.

Same. Not a fair amount of cards we’re given back compared to what we had saved.

Thank you for reporting this. We’re still in the process of rolling out card updates.

Yup, I had literally several thousand cards stored up (because my purchases didn’t extend to the $2,000 + it would have cost me to buy enough coins to upgrade them all). 3 years of cumulative collection - all flushed down the toilet in this upgrade.

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Maybe you didn’t understand what I was saying, most of my cards seem to have been restored but several clearly weren’t. I’m not sure why only specific cards wouldn’t have been restored when others were. Included in this happens to be Longshot which was the card I always asked for in donations for ages because I didn’t specifically need any card and I figured I would see how many I could get. I was well over 10000 and I was dropped to the 24 I needed to max it and now after the “restoration” I am at 33… something is wrong. Pyro has similar problems and I’m not sure what else does, I can’t see how many extra cards I have of anything that was already maxed out even if I go to the scrap screen so I have no ideas what’s going on there.

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Hi lyth. I believe I understand your message: you had a level 16 longshot with over 10k extra longshot cards, and tonight you have 36. You’re worried this is wrong and see other discrepancies.

My message is that we’re not done working on this (note that we haven’t posted any sort of announcement saying we’re done) so I am unsurprised things don’t yet look right. We plan to make it right soon

It’s just strange because other units clearly got back much larger numbers of cards.

Just to confirm it sounds like Lyth got some cards restored?! I sure as hell did not get any cards restored yet after this update that comes close to even resembling the quantity of cards I had before. If Lyth got some cards restored,was it a partial restoration?! Well hope when/if the cards get restored it’ll come close to what I thought I had before because unfortunately for me I didn’t think I would ever in a thousand years need to TAKE SCREENSHOTS TO PROVE THE NUMBER OF CARDS I HAD BEFORE THE UPDATE. SMH



Hello. We are in the midst of rolling out returning more cards – we’re not done.

This is why there has been no announcement on the subject.

Well they seem to be restored… 10000 cards now equals 400 cards…

Yes, I’ve formally announced this “done” in the other thread: Missing Card Bugs - working on fixes

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I just logged in. I don’t see anything close to the cards I had before. Looks the same as yesterday. What the hell?!

Was I supposed to submit a ticket?!

When I last saw Dave in global chat he admitted this was a problem and you guys were working on it.

That is messed I up if I have to submit yet another ticket related to this update :rage:

It doesn’t look like more cards but the same from my perspective :smirk:

I’m closing this thread because it’s effectively become a duplicate of another thread