Reset the coin drop rate and set event rewards back to old cost

Recently I’ve seen many players complain about the coins they receive and I agree with them. Please increase the coin drop to pre update conditions or reduce troop upgrade costs. Another problem I’ve noticed is that the event reward costs have been increased considerably. This has not gone unnoticed, as a colossal chest which used to cost 4000 event tokens is now 10000. Please don’t treat players like fools by releasing such hidden features in updates and act like you’re giving a discount. You’re alienating yourself from paying customers and active players who just want to enjoy the game. The constant increase in prices and decrease of rewards to earn quick cash is not appreciated by our online gaming community. I do not wish to criticise all the actions by S7 but you should focus on building a loyal and competitive gaming platform, instead of trying to rip players off for a quick buck.


This is an issue that they are downright refusing to address

I haven’t played a single game since the patch, and I won’t unless this game changes. The accountants are ruining it.


I’ve been playing a little, but not near as much. Definitely refusing to spend any money

You would think, after there have been multiple posts and comments about how they’re little hidden updates are pissing us all off tremendously, they would actually listen and do something about this. The people in charge of making these decisions needs to be fired. If nothing else (and I’ve said it many times) whoever is the one pulling these strings and killing this game needs to be the individuals that are on here dealing with us. I doubt very seriously that said people even read the forum, let alone care about what we have to say.

At this point, it seems like they bought this game with the intention of making as much money as possible right off the bat, then slowly kill the game off. Which in my book, is stealing. All they have to do is change a few things back to the way they were and we will continue funding their game.


I can’t update one single card since the update coz I don’t have coins. I’ve spent more than one thousand in this game and ended up like this right now. I would slap my face real hard for how foolish I’ve been.


Think of it this way, this is the dope dealer. He gave you some dope that was bomb. He then gets you hooked and swaps his product to an extremely lower quality product, doesn’t tell you and charges you twice as much for the newly cut product.


Omg @Jed great analogy! You are SO right!!!

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