REQUEST- Preset DECK and shortcut Idea

I’d just like to say ever since I started playing and creating decks in this game; I thought how it could use at least 2-3 preset deck load outs for each alliance.

One preset is just not enough for how many awesome cards and combinations possible… Then we all can swap between them and tweak as you please without spending so much time changing around units if your using different strategy’s or wanna just change it up…also a shortcut to your deck from the multiplayer chat screen would be extremely convenient- in the future. Even if it’s just to take a lil peek an admire your top notch selected formation before combat if yas know what I mean …??


It’s something we would definitely like to do, but there are some more UI and feature changes on the way first though. More details to come when we draw closer.

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Certainly S7NotABot, glad its on the to-do list once the priorities list lessens. I”m all for trying cards and focusing on a deck to get my best combination overall. It would mainly be a quick switch up time saver plus every alliance can be played 2or 3 different ways depending on the attack style or how your in the mood play. Perks would cool too but lets not get ahead of myself save that for another post…:grinning:

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