Repost:I Leaving players

A lot of players have been leaving (kuma,ham,peetah, AND several others) to name some.

A lot of this is due to the direction this game is headed in.
An example: high level players have a have a bad draw, resetting players progress, and making stuff people bought nerfed into oblivion.

Due to this I am creating this post , please put all your thoughts in the comments and screenshot this post and the comments Incase it gets taken down again.

Devs/S7 Team members if you see this post it’s your job to correct the problem with the game.


Simmalar topic Kuma is saying goodbye to game

If you would like to talk to the players that left most of them are on discord.

Considering that the playerbase is as angry as it has been in a long time, I’m surprised the devs aren’t doing any real damage control. 2.5 better fix a lot of this.

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Goodbye to Ashensugar, long time player who also just quit.

Devs… you are killing your game.

We’re working on correcting an issue affecting initial hands.

The mine reset was intended to make progression easier, even for those who already started. Sorry we didn’t get the tuning right the first time. We’ll try to do better going forward.

Balance changes are a part of any successful competitive game. We want every card to fill an important niche, and will continue to tune the game to try to achieve that.

Sorry to see some people leave the game, but hopefully they’ll give it another chance sometime down the road. We’re still hard at work trying to improve it, fwiw!

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Dave the mines got worse not better, while the number of bosses at the high end needed is slightly lower you need to fight much higher bosses to get there. Since you lock the choice of commander even high level players often can’t do those fights. I am up to level 19 Pyle and so far only 5 guild members have been able to run it with me. Many champion level players can’t even try it with me.

On top of that the amount of gold needed for the quests is insane. Right now with my level 8 mine it will take 150 hours, roughly 6 days to finish one quest which might give me nothing I need and only lead to another quest for gold at 150 hours. I don’t want to play that game.


I understand where you are coming from but your talking about unrelated problems to why most of the people left.

I think part of the problem with some of the current features is the net effect. While some could have great positive impact and great negative impact. As long as they are net positive, most people will be okay with them.

The pain point at the moment is that they are definitely net negative. So while you do not want the upside to be overlooked, the downside it comes with is far greater.

Example: Alliance wars could be engaging and fun group activity and does have the potential for higher season token income. Realistically, they are straining on teams to remove players and due to the higher cost and solo nature, they likely actually isolate people more than bring them together. If you look at this, it is not that there is nothing good about it. It is just that the bad outweighs the good of that currently.


Very true most people have a very hard time finding a good alliance.

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Ok. Let me just point out that although this game is still fairly new, it’s been out for almost a year. The constant bugs, “fixes”, hidden updates, flat out not listening to your players, is unacceptable at this point.

Honestly, I would think that the fact that your top players are leaving would strike some fear and urgency in the team. I mean, what is it going to take for things to be fixed? If it’s a money issue, advertise! Launch android! Offer incentives! One thing I’ve suggested is having a referral program! I just don’t understand why it’s taking so long for things to improve. A year into this game, it should be virtually flawless. Hire more employees ( there’s a lot of players here that would love to work from home for you guys), sponsor YouTubers (I mean…this should be a given), please change things!

You have to understand that the reason we bitch so much is because we love this game and are frustrated with the direction we feel it’s going. Some people have invested thousands into this game, and a product comparable to the money invested is required at this point.


Thanks Keys, I know everyone’s feedback, regardless of how it is conveyed, comes from a place of love for the game. Urgency is indeed needed, and I think if you saw how hard and passionately the team is working you’d be proud (and want more like them to help us move faster!).

Thanks for the ideas too.


As a QA professional with some spare hours to contract out, I’d certainly love to work on the game! QA seems … an underserved area.



Honestly what you need is a group of players you trust to have the best interests of the game in their hearts that you guys can pull together, have them sign NDAs and give you feedback on major changes BEFORE they are implemented. I’d love to be able to help that way, I bet others would too. Catching something like the impact of economy changes, the impact of mines, how much time and effort a change will require from the average committed player, these are all important things.


Not trying to be too cynical, but that is literally what they did in their other game and I can absolutely say…it is not working. I actually think it has made things worse.

I like the sentiment of what it COULD be, but it just didnt pan out that way.

I don’t know what other game you mean or what happened there.

Not trying to delve too deep into it since its a different game with different people. But their last title was called War Dragons, and it had a few such groups: Gameplay Faction, Creators Faction, Atlas Earlybirds.

For the most part it was a lot of noise with little changes on things that mattered followed by people pushing their own agendas or the requirements of selection was based a lot less on comprehension but more based on personal standing/interaction.

Look, not saying it isnt a good idea, just that the last time it was tried…it didnt really work. Granted, this is a completely different game with a seemingly different playerbase but there have also been a lot of things similar in terms of players and the way the devs operate.

Pandread got a good point here speaking about positive to negative effect. If we would step back for a second, what would we see, a game, which is fairly working well and with a tons of features. What are the issues bother most people:

  1. unclear economy trend. BUT that is easily solvable, S7 should be able to give their point of view on how long should it take for a f2p to max all his base units to lvl17. Guess we all feel it is 10 years right now, but it shouldn t be 10 days neither…

  2. matchmaking. BUT that is solvable. Certainly more complex as S7 thought their game was chest like. It seems they slowly recognize it is not and that matchmaking of live matches should be done on live global ranking.

  3. alliance war. BUT that is solvable. S7 should not use alliance war as cash cow. We could have the in the week end event without refill counting as alliance war. And the during the week event counting as individual only with refill. By the way noone might not have been paying attention, but the scoring points of alliance is broken here too and you always lose more points that you can win…

  4. Boss blitz: it is a mid term mode. It is a bit of a grind, however it starts to be an end game feature too front lvl15 on. Once again, noone would complain if it would be align with point 1 and not giving impression to be a lot of « negative » time spent in playing for a non « equivalent positive » reward in game.


Roughly a year, if you buy elite and focus mostly on the base units. Though you can get a lot of bang going for all level 16s, and get there a lot quicker.

Definitely. This is a perennial focus of improvement. Big changes coming in the next several months to this.

Can you say more about your ideas here? I don’t completely follow.

Working on this. It’s not there right now for end-game players, and if you choose to ignore them for now I wouldn’t be surprised or sad. Have fun and focus on the other more fun parts until the rewards make sense to you!

As far as the alliance war goes, the way the events are set up, it’s a pissing contest of who can spend the most money to get the most medals. It is ripping close knit alliances apart, because full participation is required now, and the alliance rankings is based off of events and raids. It’s not working and it’s not healthy for the game