Replay is not displaying the right ending


A couple of times now I have posted a game I won and when it plays through it shows the same battle but suddenly at the end it shows my base blowing up and the other guy winning. I got credit for the win and in the list of replays it says I’m the victor but the ending is wrong.


Thanks for this report @Lyth. Do you have a specific recent replay we can reference so that we can look into this?


This actually happens many times, this replay bug has been around since rebel sky days.
I’ve got recorded eg all the way from back then up til the most recent event.


Do you recall if the opponent quit the match, or if it went to completion with the base being destroyed per usual?


It was overtime matches, I have replays of gauntlet matches doing this right now. Against kablammo won all matches but replay doesn’t think so lol.


Just had this happen again posted a match I won in Beast War against a guy several levels higher than me where I clearly won but it shows him winning in the end.


Same thing is happening to me…just won a match in event…got the win in overtime…hit his base, it blew up…but review show me losing and him getting the win


It even says Victory on the replay…but shows loss at end of replay battle


Sounds related to the last time this happened. We’ll check to see what’s up. (56571)

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