Regarding live update 292

Removing quests in preparation for some miraculous revamp to come.

Again you are doing significant harm to the economy of coin for some who knows what to come. We already tell you coin is too low again and again and again. How do we make up the coin you are removing from our ability to earn with this latest thing to mess up the players.

I think I get it, soon they can just remove coin entirely and tell us…

It was never our intent for player to actually be able to upgrade cards in this game so we have removed coin from the chests and event rewards to allow players to simply collect cards for their own sake.


What baffles me the most is that they keep removing key pieces of the game without any replacement being ready. Just a vague promise that a revamp is coming. They should have finished the whole project and brought it out when it’s ready. At the very least they should communicate what this big vision is and some sort of ETA like. This month. This week…


Well said. The game needs a way to earn more coins.

Newer players cannot get stronger without them. Cannot imagine the frustration for them.

The Quests became useless because of the gold target.

On this one, it appears the developers be reacting and not planning.

The area of coins overshadows the positive changes that have taken place.

In the end, it needs to be fun. Not a huge grind.

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Can we please get some sort of guidance what the path is for the future. I’m ready to quit this game at this point due to how unplayable every game mode is for a new player in its current state.

Events have a massive level and card disadvantage for anyone new. You constantly need to compete against cards you don’t have and at much higher levels and hope your opponents won’t spend more crystals than you. Then even when you save up and grind and grind and spend the crystals in hopes of making a competitive deck Your blocked from buying event units past a certain point due to your level…so your screwed for next season as well.

Regular ranked play. As I put in another post 65% of my matches your punching up in level. Often 2 levels and sometimes 3 or 4. But you never get the easy matches punching down so your stagnant in rank. I have 40 units to level up but no silver to complete the task. This is despite spending enough crystals to often place second in events and I still can’t progress. You keep talking about this revamp of the economy and removing parts of the game but withhold the reasons why your doing it from the players. It seems a little like you actually want to discourage us.

Gauntlet. Rewards are garbage considering the cost and seem to get worse every patch with no real explanation why other than the devs don’t like that game mode???

Mines. Devs claim it was meant to get new players to play together more. What I actually see as a player is high level guilds working to get their mines and low level players being held back. Due to the deck power requirements and lack of incentive to help in gold/diamond ranked clans getting a level 8 mine was a massive headache and in no way an improvement to the old system.

Quests. They were fun to grind. They got removed with no replacement…


This is all truth.

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