Refunds: Please Clarify

I am curious what part of acknowledging a perfectly reasonable method for addressing how unhappy/unsatisfied you are as a customer is seen as a massive issue? Just asking for some clarity on this so the player base can understand why they shouldn’t based on how things have gone?

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I don’t understand how it was justified to close an entire thread, full of complaints because refunds were mentioned. I mean come on! Notice how none of us got a response either? Ridiculous

To be perfectly clear: We take no issue with a player requesting a refund through Apple for dissatisfaction with their personal game experience. However, it is not appropriate to post on this platform that is owned and operated by Strange Sevens in order to campaign against the company/studio itself. By encouraging others to go do the same en masse is an effort to actively harm said provider of this platform.

Not that an analogy is needed, but if you’d like:
It’s like having a bad meal at a restaurant. You can leave a complaint to the owners/chef/Yelp, but please don’t get on a table and tell all the other patrons to break into the cash register for their money back.

I think if you notice though. He was campaigning for change. And then simply trying to explain to others that were negatively affected by your actions and trying to inform them as they might not be aware of this option. Granted this is probably not ideal for you to see which I also get.

I think that is a bit of a stretch. If it is unfounded then I am sure it would be denied. I’m not sure what you are seeing as harm? If you mean possible loss of the revenue…I do think a bit of introspective analysis would say that at this current conjecture S7 is its own worst enemy for that.

He isn’t telling people to break into the registers…more like filing a a financial dispute, as breaking into the register is illegal. Requesting a refund is not. Ultimately I get why this probably does not put you guys in the best light and why it might be an issue but the thread was not based around that.

Additionally, has anyone ever considered why it was even getting to this point? And that might be worth addressing? I think that frustration is more of an issue than what might be something that was poorly worded. In any case, I think it’s a bit of misinterpretation but it is what it is.

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Why is the bottom part blurred out?

@S7NotABot I completely understand the teams reasoning behind not wanting players to push for refunds on the forum, and you guys are definitely within your right to shut that down.

You and I have been corresponding through email (I haven’t checked to see if you wrote back yet), and like I said, my problem with it being shut down is nothing was addressed. I don’t understand why those comments couldn’t have been deleted, and a warning posted about appropriate comments. There were a lot of very important and valid points on that thread that still haven’t received a response. If you guys don’t want us talking about a certain thing that’s fine, but shutting down an entire thread because of the comments of a few, seems extreme and a blatant avoidance tactic. Personally, I would like to see responses as well as (hopefully) action.

Yes. I have made that point as well, which I think needs to be taken seriously by the team. If we were satisfied customers, that thread wouldn’t have been created at all. Suggesting that people check into refunds is a direct result of the actions and dishonesty of S7, or what we view as such. What should be thought about is why people would feel the need for that in the first place.

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It’s a spoiler tag. Tap/click on the blurred part and it’ll reveal text that is either spoilers to say like a movie of some sort or a certain topic.

Discord or any other known forum has that functionality too. Place the spoilers between ||text||. No spaces between those symbols. They are not capital i’s. You can find it easily in the number/symbols section, page 2, of the mobile keyboard.


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