Reforged event needs tweaking

I feel like it’s worth having the discussion here. We all know Val is OP (dev on top 50 leader thread confirms how lopsided she is), but to allow Val plus Ant Queen plus drones in an event is going a bit far. The only choice to counter this is going all nuke/rocket, which messes up the deck for any non-Val battle. I know there is a change coming to limit the leaders, but is there a thought to the usable units per event?

I wouldn’t say Val is your only option though? Plus I think you forgot soul thiefs exist :sweat_smile:. Not that it is a secret but I am fairly certain every winning deck in Almaden every battle, at every level has a soul thief in it.

Ugh… yeah. Perfect Event team- Val, ant queen, drone, soul thief, lol

Ive seen people win with Nash though… so its hardly guaranteed?

Hardly, however when I’m lvl 10 Nash matched against lvl 16 Val with (1) of the above cards… like I JUST was this last match… WITH 4 freezes as my starter, it’s inevitable. XD

Then that’s a matchmaking issue, not an event commander balance issue?

And an awful initial draw.

That’s the issue right there. Requiring 4 tier 1 cards in the deck is borderline. Requiring 4 tier 1 TACTICS is just dumb. By definition, it doesn’t affect all commanders equally and, as others have noted, the only useful cards in this event are behind a tech wall.