Recruiting expedition - Always ascension upgrade?

Perhaps I’m just really unlucky, but over the last few days, my recruiting expedition, if it has a mission to upgrade a unit, almost always has been for the ascension faction (or upgrade any unit.). Having seen it so often, I’m running out of units to upgrade to complete the mission, despite rarely upgrading units unless a mission calls for it, to save on coins.

Since I wrote this, I had 4 recruiting expedition missions, of which I had upgrade ascension unit 4 times…

Yup I had spend x coins 3-4 in a row. I just hit the spend 15,000 coins one. After just upgrading a unit :frowning:

Discussing this internally. In the past we disabled spend X coins on faction Y for high ranked players. I can’t promise any additional changes, but we’ll discuss it at least. As a player, I’ve experience the same frustration with bad luck on quest rolls and so I think I can empathize with how you’re feeling.

I have experienced the same. At least every other recruiting expedition calls for Ascension. Can’t be just RNG at this point. I have so many extra cards in other factions. Always requesting Ascension from alliance (and seems more than half requests from teammates are also looking for scouts, archers, or alchemists). You are not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (or perhaps we all are :joy:)

After reaching level 50, I haven’t seen a single faction upgrade mission. Just “Get X multiplayer rewards”. Definitely helps my other factions grow now.

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