Recruit button still showing active after spending tokens

After spending token and opening chest it still says you have a token and wants you to spend Gems.

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Thanks for the heads up; we’ll investigate and get this fixed.

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Thank you. Lots of complaining on here. While I don’t love everything I appreciate you all listening to us and making changes. Can’t please everyone.

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Just realized that opening the chest didn’t complete my daily quest to “open a chest” so I can’t complete that quest or earn the gems.

Posted hours ago. Imagine it got lost.

Sorry about that @Trident; would you mind sending in a support ticket for this one please so we can get your game fixed?

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Submitted. Thank you.

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Unfortunately one of the new tutorial functions for new players bled into the case for players who upgrade — we’ll fix this but honestly by the time we deploy the fix I’m pretty sure most people will have opened 2x chests and cleared out the tutorial function.

Just unlocked my Friday chest after three wins. Still did not get the 200 gems for the daily quest.

@S7campusLifer. For whatever reason when you open the recruit chest it doesn’t complete the quest.

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