Really need an Android version

An Android version would solve a lot of problems that the game is facing, by literally doubling the player base. More players would bring in more money and more money could pay more programmers and team members. I don’t see why this isn’t being put on priority status, to be honest. I know a great deal of people who would like to play but don’t own iPhones. The game is relatively stable at the moment and I hope that an Android version moves to a higher priority within the team.

They did stated that they’re working on the Android version since December 2018. The latest update they posted related to this was 2 months ago. After that, it’s been radio silent on this kind of topic from them.

I find this disappointing as well. I have friends I could bring in, but they’re Android only. I have a friend playing the APK on Android, and there are weird differences. But it needs to launch.

They actually stated that unfortunately people working on the android version had been moved to other tasks. I feel like that was unnecessary as the Android version should be a priority to expand their player base.

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