Realization - I really like this game but



I really like this game. Admittedly, it is one of the few mobile games I play and is certainly the only one I’ve ever spent real money to play. However, I feel like this game is borderline unplayable without elite. You get significantly less rewards, there is an upgrade time, and chests are cut in half. I don’t want to renew my elite membership because I refuse to play $40 dollars a year to play a game, no matter how much I like it. To put it in perspective, I pay $10 dollars a month for Xbox gamepass, a service that grants me access to hundreds of games on my console and PC. (It’s a comparison, I’m not selling gamepas.)

I understand that the game is free, but a year membership of this upgrade is most of what I would pay for a console or PC game that I own forever. I simply can not justify it. I am open to hearing the reasons why the game is still worth it without elite. I will keep an open mind. Until then, my play time will take a substantial hit since I don’t have elite.

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