Re: The announced update 2.5

While I can see the devs have clearly put a lot of work into this I think it basically kills the game for me. I play mostly 2v2, I love it, makes the game social and cooperative not just power gaming the single best deck build of the minute and continuously playing it. Now 2v2 is going to become just for fun and we see everything they make just for fun stops being used like gauntlet etc.

Maybe the devs should have asked their players about this before they decided to just trash half the game. Last they had announced there were going to two leader boards 1v1 and 2v2 and now that’s apparently gone.

I have no idea what use the thousands of cards I’ve collected in the time I’ve played will be, sounds like they are just all going to vanish. Again having to dust cards to level other cards sounds like another way to just mess up people working on upgrades and slow us down more.

Somehow the devs decide we think getting chests are boring and so they are going to get rid of them. I do t find chests boring, certainly the specific cards are less important now after I’ve been collecting them to the point I have enough to max everything.

We asked for them to fix matchmaking and then we asked for other things that they said they can’t work on because we are fixing matchmaking. Now we see why it’s taking so much… they are messing with lots of things that we never asked for and claiming that players find x, y, or z boring or useless or whatever. Honestly I just don’t get it.


The more I think about it the more I hate this concept. 2v2 is the single best part of the game, running fights with guildies and friends is the most enjoyable and in my guild we all play with each other. Take away the reward and it’s going to be just like boss battles are now, people won’t have any reason to do it, less reason to do it means even if we tried the opponents won’t be there. The amount of variety you can get in 2v2 is so much higher than in 1v1 the way units can combine when playing two different factions is awesome and the strategy is so much more than in 1v1. Not to mention you are destroying the social aspect that playing together brings to the game.

Not to mention some players in the game have dedicated to building a 1v1 deck and others have dedicated to building a 2v2 deck. Now those who dedicated to 2v2 are likely screwed.


I’m not huge on 2v2 personally, but everything else listed just killed it for me. It’s not even the same game as when I started playing in February. They might as well change the name now because it’s completely different.

While I appreciate the effort, none of what I just read about the update seems appealing. I’m actually pretty sad about this, because it looks like they finally did what we all feared would happen: they killed the effing game.

I’m going to give it a week after the new update comes through, and then I’ll make my final decision. I have played this game and spent more money than I’d like to admit because I absolutely loved it, despite the problems. But now, it’s not even going to be the same game, is it? This is just absolutely sad


Yeah. I’ll wait and see, but it sounds like several cases of “it wasn’t broke; let’s fix that.”

NOT super excited about it, reading those notes…


I don’t know to be honest, I suppose we should wait and see how the new economy is balanced out and how the new reward system is. They also wrote they are planning to go back and see if they can fit 2v2 in their new arena system.

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Everything Lyth said, I concur. I’m upset how quickly this game has been ruined. Despite having forums to include player feedback.

Someone’s MBA is not serving them well.


From the announcement

2v2 mode

  • 2v2 will no longer contribute to your ranking or earn standard rewards
  • The 2v2 button currently lives in your alliance chat.

Developer’s note: We realize lots of players love 2v2 mode, but it didn’t fit well into the new Multiplayer arena system; so, for now, it’s just for fun – we will swing back to this in the future and figure out how to make it fit into our new multiplayer system

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OK this right here is the perfect example of the biggest problem with the game, same thing you did with bosses and so many other things. You release something half-assed and half-finished and say we will finish it or fix it later and piss off all the players. Go watch the general chat or the guild chats now, listen to your players and how many hate the changes you announce and want to keep playing 2v2.



Yeah. I thought in a lot of ways 2v2 was very challenging and fun. I liked playing with my partner and while tbh idc about the ranking…if it’s just “for fun” I doubt people will keep doing it


2vs2 no rank means for me that I‘m gonna leave this game. Playing with friends was the point I started this game and enjoyed it so much. Seems like they are forcing us to just play events which are 1vs1 even more. Rip 2vs2

Sad devs


Thanks devs for finally giving me a reason to uninstall this game. I’ve been holding out hope you guys would actually figure out how to fix all the issues but apparently you prefer to kill every part of the game that was actually fun. 2v2 was the only fun part left in the game. Helping others rank up was rewarding. Events and bosses all feel monotonous and many players are just getting tired of one event after another. So I’ll hold on until this release comes but if it actually happens this game is going on the trash bin


I will wait to see and analyze. Some changes seem interesting. At least it clearly show Devs are working and trying to make the game better. I am not fan of 2v2 but I understand the frustration of players that are. When will the new release happen?

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The only time I’ve played 1v1 was when my finger slipped on it by accident, and I found it incredibly boring. I doubt I’ll be playing in this new 1v1 arena often.

2v2 is the only reason I play this game. I enjoy bouncing moves off the other players in my alliance and working as a team. I enjoy helping members rank up by playing with them a bunch of times in a row (by “helping” I mean playing as a team and watching our progress and using strategies). I’ve focused primarily on upgrading my deck with support units. While 2v2 will still be there after the release, there will be less people inclined to play it now that they aren’t getting anything from it, and playing with bots is no fun.

Please don’t downgrade 2v2!!


When is this update happening by the way?

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You seems to want to kill the product before having even tasting it… There are people here complaining for weeks and claiming they would quit… Damned you are still there ? Your life so boring that you can t move away from wild beyond without feeling « friendless » and « dissoccupied »?!? Please leave!

2vs2 seems to not be remove so you can still play with your « friends ». If you wouldn t anymore because that might not reward you anything, then you are just a selfish hypocrith hiding behind this excuse of « friendship » playing to « win a benefit » using someone else.

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We also enjoy 2v2 and recognize a large portion of the playerbase like it (2v2 can be as high as ~25% of daily battles on some non-event days). I also personally really enjoy 2v2. As someone who has spent the last 5 months of my life working on social features, I’m fully aware of the benefits of 2v2 to the social ecosystem in the game. I personally want to see 2v2 become a prominent part of the game again soon.

That said, it had become clear that matchmaking continues to be the #1 complaint with the game. We tried really really hard to make an ELO-based system work, but still failed after trying many different ways for 10 months. Even after all our attempts, it still remains to be the biggest complaint that people have with the game. We had to do something drastic to try to fix it, even if we have to take some risk along the way in attempting to do it. Not every single person will like the change, but we hope that once people get it in their hands they’ll have a more nuanced opinion and feedback. When almost every complaint is “the game handed me an unfair match”, we need to change it drastically so players can have more control over what kinds of matches they get.

It is very unclear what is the right way to make 2v2 work in a system where players are choosing to be matched by certain card level requirements. If I want to play in the arena for max card level of 12, and I want to play 2v2 —- how does that work? What should happen? If my buddy with level 8 cards joins my battle request, what happens? Who do we match with and what kinda of cards should they have? What coin payout should my buddy get if we win? How should it effect my medals in this arena if we lose? If my buddy with level 17 cards joins me in this level 12 arena, what should happen? Who should we match with in this arena? When we win and he has “first win of the day“ active, should the bonus get wasted on this arena which barely pays out any coins compared to his arena he usually plays for people with level 17 cards?

Theres a few ways to answer these questions, and I’m not certain what the rights ones are. Once we see how players are using the new Multiplayer Arena system and learn the play patterns, we’ll swing back to 2v2 and figure out which is the right way to integrate it into this system. We don’t want to jam it in the wrong way before we understand how people use the new system. That would be almost certain to come up with the wrong answers.

  • If you play in an arena which cards higher than the maximum level, they will be “squashed down” to that maximum level. From release notes

Personally I don’t do 2v2 much, it’s the multiplayer changes that are pissing me off. The update notes read like stereo instructions, and honestly none of it is appealing. It doesn’t seem like there will be much point in playing anymore as a higher ranked player. It just looks like you guys are completely re-writing the game to cater to new players, while you continue to ignore the ones that have stuck by you guys through all this crap and have spent quite a bit of money


PK come on dude…people are pissed and they have every right to be. Let them express themselves. Don’t read the comments if it pisses you off. Players that have never threatened leaving before are now about to jump. This is a little different than past threats. Changing basically the entire game a year after launch, thousands of dollars spent, people are understandably upset


This is a perfect example of figures don’t lie but liars figure. Why is it only 25% it’s because in 1v1 you can play anytime and in 2v2 most people play with partners or guildmates so there is a time limitation on when you can play it. I play 1v1 when no partner is around or there are no matches in 2v2 but 2v2 is preferred. That was the difference between this game and other PvP games that made this one so enjoyable. And now you are gonna just throw it on the trash heap. If you are fixing match making fix the whole thing and stop this nonsense of we aren’t sure how to fix this. Clearly based on veteran players already leaving and the general discontent of the player base it’s pretty clear that changes made without using the player base input haven’t been successful yet. Maybe you should actually think about listing to us once in a while.


No we aren’t asking to kill the product we are asking them not to kill half the game in the name of fixing an issue. I don’t know that arenas are the answer but I know ending 2v2 as a viable part of the game is not.

Also I find your direct attacks on the player base that gives a damn about this game to be reprehensible.

No hey aren’t removing 2v2 but they are making it have no payoff. If something has no payoff people have no reason to play it. Look at gauntlet play when it had a decent reward vs gauntlet play now. Almost no one uses it anymore. Everyone plays games to get a sense of winning or accomplishment, to say people would play without that is ridiculous. It’s the whole psychology behind games.