Ranks,ranks, ranks

There is no incentive to play arenas. Solo, 2v2 who cares if the only thing we’re playing for is coins or a spot on a leaderboard that combines all of our factions together with no indication of actual skill . I’m not sure how long people will keep grinding events and PvE for currency to level their units when after all of it, the only thing to work for is a star in an arena. (And the champ arena stars are set way too high for anyone to reach still) Everyone who still enjoys playing at a high skill level are playing very low skill bots more than half the time and 2v2 is still recovering from being put on the back burner for the 2.5 release. Wait times in the champ arena for 2v2 are almost as bad as they were before live bots were introduced. Why? There’s no reason to play with our teammates anymore. Many of us enjoyed trying to earn rank with eachother. I for one, loved the challenge of trying to carry a less strong teammate over the bump to diamond or challenger. I’m not sure the arenas are such a bad idea but we definitely need ranks to work for again. The stars aren’t cutting it. Borders around our portraits and real ranks need to come back.


They think requiring 3 Champ decks to climb the now nearly meaningless leaderboard will motivate people to spend :val_drink:

I wouldn’t be surprised if they just removed that leaderboard from entry into the forums entirely. It’s pretty obvious they are phasing out skill based stats and leaderboards as quickly as possible. Just look at the in game leaderboard. Who has the most stars as a leaderboard :joy::joy::joy::joy::val_drink:


I agreed, we need something like the cool color badge around our portrait that indicate our rank so people will work hard for it, not just coins, level up and climbing to the top of leaderboard. It’s pointless to get in there😵

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I also agree the portraits you got every time you moved up during a season were cool. The game’s art is generally one of its strongest features and removing that make the game less vibrant.

In the old system they could have added something cool for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th-10th, 11th-20th, etc. and I think it would have made ranked seasons even more dynamic and interesting. Instead they made a dull uncompetitive star arena system :man_shrugging:


@S7campusLifer you’ve been pretty quiet. @S7Dragon @S7Dave I’m just going to ask a basic question regarding the above comments, and I think you guys should really think about it. Why does S7 downright refuse to listen to us??? We have been INCREDIBLY vocal about everything since the first update that re-wrote the entire game. So instead of continuing to implement game features that your players don’t like, why don’t you guys actually do something to placate us?? The comments above have been said over and over again. We never get a response, we never have any of our ideas, complaints or concerns taken seriously, why?

To a certain degree we are entitled. Because we are your customers. And no, the customer isn’t always right, but successful businesses gain success by listening to the consumers. One of the biggest complaints since you guys trashed our game is ranking. It’s obvious that was very important to us. The only response we get is “we hope to introduce ranking again”, yet we get hit with the crap leaderboards we have now. Which are awful.

It seems a little ridiculous and hard to believe that you guys completely trashed the original game that we all loved because of MM complaints. You’ve by far had way more complaints since the first update than you’ve probably had the entire year since the game’s launch, so the excuse that complaints about MM triggered this whole shit show is insulting.

So…again. I’ve asked it many times before and I’ll ask it again. Why the hell wont you guys listen to us?? And to add, when will the lies, deception, and theft stop??


I wish we can get something in the old patch back which is actually prefect for me, like amazing season portrait, badge around our portrait, 2v2 with random people and many more interesting things. Idk why devs have to fix something which is already perfect :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: And finally i hope they understand us :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


@S7campusLifer @S7Dave @S7Dragon again…I come back 7 days later to find no responses from any of you.

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Overall ranking makes more sense now. It is clearly better for players who have skills and strong decks with all 3 factions.

Nevertheless they should include:

  • ranking by each single faction too
  • and those cool symbols we used to have for challenger, champion, diamond etc.

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