Ranking/Reward Question

So I have two things I was curious in terms of both the rank system and the rewards or lack of.

  1. Why is there almost no difference between Challenger and Champion? Seeing as how it is supposedly the hardest to obtain, the fact they are almost indistinguishable seems odd? Shouldn’t the rewards increase to incentivize and support the performance and time needed to attain those?

  2. Why are alliances ranked but then there is almost no discernible difference? Just seems odd to make a ranking system and then have almost nothing tied to it.


The answer is basically: Because we haven’t had time to build it yet. We have big plans for alliances and social gameplay, but the whole plan keeps getting pushed back to deal with urgent things popping up.

I was actually going to make a similar post, which is my reason for being on here right now.

I just reached champion, and I’m incredibly irritated that there is virtually no difference between champion and challenger chests. I have seen posts regarding this before, so why hasn’t this been addressed?

A couple points:
1. There is no value pack for reaching champion. Every other rank has one, what
gives? For reaching the highest rank, we should be rewarded with a HUGE value
pack, but for free.
2. The chest rewards for challenger and champion has no discernible difference. This
is pretty irritating honestly, and kind of insulting.
3. Where is the incentive to keep playing after reaching the highest rank?

You have people that, despite all of the issues and absolutely maddening changes, continue to stick with your game long enough to achieve Champion. Personally, I have felt taken advantage of by you guys, but now even more so. This is exactly the kind of thing that is going to piss people off so much they start quitting.

It takes a lot of time, patience and dedication to make it to Champion. And let’s be honest, it takes some money as well. Where is the “thank you” from you guys? The way it is now, you’re basically telling us that we don’t matter, and there’s really no reason to keep playing this game.

In addition, I noticed how you addressed @Pandread’s alliance issue, but ignored the most important and first issue. I would like an actual response, and not only that, but a solution to this ridiculous, insulting issue. In the past, when other players have brought this up, you guys completely ignore the problem. Please don’t do that again.

I don’t know the answer to that question but I knew the answer to the other one. I could conjecture, but I don’t know the answer so I don’t want to make things up and give you incorrect information.

I believe it is better for me to give prompt responses to things if I know how to rather than go silent on everything because there is something else I don’t know the answer to.

I understand and respect that, it’s just that question has gone ignored before. Just even addressing it by saying you don’t know and you’ll get back to us is better than answering one question and not saying anything about the other. Just understand that we are very frustrated and we are tired of waiting around for things to be addressed and handled, so our patience when it comes to waiting for an answer is pretty much gone. Like I said, this issue has been brought up many times, and at this point we need a fix now.

Just following up on this thread, wondering if you have an answer yet? Thank you

@S7campusLifer umm hello?? This is incredibly disrespectful to not have a response by now. Even better, give us rewards that make us feel valued as paying customers. I’ve played a lot of games throughout the years, and this is by far the most ridiculous and frustrating. I wouldn’t care if I hadn’t given you guys my money.

You have champions here, that are literally the reason you still have a game. And the thanks we get? No response or fix.

Hello there.

Sadly, I think I’ve created a misconception that players can expect the forum to be a formal support channel.

I agree with some of that. One thing though…ZenDesk is an awfully outsourced amalgamation that almost never answers with any kind of coherent or reasonable response. So that’s probably where a good amount of frustration comes from when dealing with that channel.


Yeah, I put in a ticket a week or so ago and still nothing.

Yep and when I send an email, I rarely get a response.

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