Ranking level stuck

I’ve won quite a bit with my giga commander but when I watch my rank, if anything it goes down or stays the same regardless of my win rate. It seems stuck in the 4400 range.

System is broken

Ignore the +20 -20. Champ arena is elo based it’s probably more like +4 -50. You have to restart the game after every battle if you want to know correct medals earned or lost.

Edit: also who cares. Ranked is a joke.


I wouldn’t watch it very closely right now. I’ll check my rank, notice I’m in a cluster of folks, and play a bunch of games to see if I can jump a spot or two. I’ll get on a nice long win streak, check my rank…nope, still 52. Not sure what’s going on, but it doesn’t appear to work at all like rankings used to do for Champion vs Challenger.

The only leaderboard that is functioning at all is the one you see when you click into these forums. Since you aren’t on it I assume you’re referring to the leaderboard you see through the arena section. Those leaderboards are confirmed 100% non-functioning.


Ah, thanks for the clarification. I’d somehow missed that in-app leaderboards were not functional. That makes a lot more sense, since I avoid playing beyond my 3 bonus matches most days. I was fairly concerned what it meant for the game that I was still showing up in rankings, tbh :sweat_smile:

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I just want the old ranking system back. Enough of this new crap. I challenged @S7campusLifer to make a poll about the different modes of the game and I got the “I don’t have time” blah blah blah. In reality, it’s because S7 doesn’t want it all on paper how much we hate this game now.

Seriously tho. @S7campusLifer bring back our damn ranks. Not some new system, we want the old one back. You know, the one that actually mattered and was fun? There’s literally no incentive to any part of the game now except events. And I just know you guys are gonna screw that all up.

I want my Champion profile frame back. I want the reset back. I want the chests back. Also, I want the option to refresh like you could refresh the multiplayer chests before back. Enough is enough. You know what we want, stop messing with us and the game and give us our game back dammit.


They don’t care what we want, they don’t care if we leave, they destroyed their game despite our warnings. I have no faith in the devs at this point, they have yet to show us one iota of concern outside of the statement that matchmaking was the number one complaint they received before 2.5.


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