Ranking is a thing.. Right?

Recently I’ve been trying to get my clan to be more active. So I’ve added multiple promotions available to those who do the most 2v2’s as I did them with some of my clan members I’ve noticed that we get paired up half the time with a rank extra than our own (for example) I will be battling with a bronze rank 5 member and I will be silver rank 3, our opponents will be a silver rank 3 and another silver rank 3. No big problem until a silver rank 5 and a silver 4 are the opponents… they are both higher ranks than me and they have level 13 decks, that’s why I reported this as a bug. Because if they have low level cards but are high rank it’s okay but when they kill their rank on purpose to dominate others with decks of only level 7 and 9 it’s not cool, they are always guaranteed to win. However this only happens 2/5 times sometimes more. I just hate losing my rank and having to battle over again to fix it.

Sadly 2v2 matchmaking is especially bad compared to the other modes.

We’re currently working on this now!

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