Ranking for incoming teammates

I see the game is still tracking levels… for example I just ranked back up to Diamond could we have these limits applied to Incoming alliance members like we did before? I think you all can see the importance that your customers put on rank and being the best alliance etc. right now anyone can join and we have limited resources to determine if this player is active or at a level that will help the alliance grow. Thank you.


Sorry about that. We’ll try to get something back in.

Would you prefer:

  • Level of the applicant
  • Activity Level of the applicant
  • Number of stars of the applicant
  • Top Arena of the applicant
  • Something else?
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All of the above.

Lifetime donations would have been useful before if they had actually worked …

I think stars is probably the first thing I would like, then activity level. Appreciate all that you can do.

Not sure either of those reflect much right now… literally not sure what stars actually reflect. And my activity level in guild has always said and still says inactive even though I am among the most active.

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Yeah, we are losing our raid because we accidentally accepted someone who kept joining with a damn level 7 commander. :woman_facepalming:t3: :woman_shrugging:t3::joy: The old rank at this level to apply would’ve been nice.

How about lifetime daily alliance quest participations, raid win percentage, and avg event score? The only three metrics that matter (edit: in this newish alliance rank system). We can still see deck strength with view. Also, can we have a chat feature added to the applicant list?
An application restriction based on highest arena would also be great to stop the CONSTANT flood of garbage applicants in top alliances.


Of those three, the two I would most like to see is raid win percentage and avg event score, the latter of which needing to be cut off when the event scoring system changed to allow for dramatically higher event scores.


Stars show rank like before. Someone over 3200 stars is basically diamond level.

I understand that but that metric doesn’t mean anything for the alliance @Trident I really dont care what arena someone is in if they don’t do their dailies and don’t try in events. I’ll take a silver player who hits 10k every event and never loses a raid over a champion equivalent who does neither. But I only lead the #2 ranked alliance in the game so what do I know about how to run a team.


Good luck with that chuck.

Internally we’re testing some hot patches to help with this. Not the best screenshot, but I think it’ll give you a good enough idea of how it might work:


@S7Dave. That’s awesome. Appreciate the work!

This is now live. To get to it, you’ll need to press the forums button (to the right of the minimized chat preview area on the main screen), then tap the menu icon in the top-left corner, and then choose “Player Activity”.


Got it! Thanks.

@S7Dave. My ELO hasn’t changed since this rolled out yesterday. I’ve won at least 10 matches in a row. Any idea why this might be the case?

It’s gone up a lot for me … possibly they’re still working through the queries / logic.

This is a good start, will be good to see that data fleshed out.

Yeah I’ve see. My teammates move up. Not all though. I don’t know if that’s because activity or not. Mine just hasn’t moved up or down a single point.

@Trident Sorry for the confusion. The elo data that we show on that screen may not be updated more than once every 24 hours. I’ve updated the notes at the very bottom of the page with this information. We’ve also updated the page so that one’s own elo updates in real-time (and we now highlight your row in the table to make it easier to find too).


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