Ranked reward chests

Losing to a higher powered player in a bad match up doesn’t make me feel as bad as this. I seem to get double basic chest way too much. I get it more than the rare purple chest. It sucks when you fought 2 hard battles and all you got was 300 coins and a few common units. I am pretty sure playing 2v2 for alliance tokens is more rewarding than a basic chest.

We have not made any changes to PvP rewards chests. It’s worth noting though that the frequency of these chests are on a set pool so as to prevent potential “really bad luck”. Purely for illustrative purposes (because I don’t know off the top of my head what the actual distribution is), out of 100 chests, let’ say you’ll always get 5 Epic, 15 Rare, 30 Common, and 50 Basic. Unlike something that’s completely chance-based, i.e. 5% Epic, you could wait for more than 20 chests before you see an Epic, but you WILL eventually get one within a reasonable time.

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