Ranked points

Hello, is it only me or does it feel that a loss in ranked match makes you lose a lot more points than those gained from a win against similar level opponents? Is there anywhere I can read how points are gained/lost in ranked matches?
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Check Wikipedia for ELO system.

It’s an awful gaming system.

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Straight ELO is terrible for games with random starting positions and virtually guaranteed mismatching of pieces. It’s great for games the opposite of that, like chess. It works in some games because the depth of the player base largely mitigates the latter criteria and when appropriate steps are taken to diminish the importance of the former. This game doesn’t (yet) qualify in either respect, which is presumably why they’re changing the matchmaking system. It’s unclear to me why it took so long to realize this.

Personally, I think more initial draw tweaks would be an interesting short-term step to take. If your opponent has the exact same deck as you, an initial draw algorithm that made it far more likely your first draw and, say, 7 cards were more similar would probably make the game feel less frustrating.


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